The 7 Best free security plugin for wordpress


Best free security plugin for wordpress

When ever we make a website we put in lot of hard work. There are a lot of people out there to ruin there work,to save your website you need to have proper security running on your website. Security should be one of the most important aspect that you should take into consideration, websites or blogs having low security can be easily targeted by hacker. These hackers deface your website, sometimes they even delete the whole content from the website and leave a black or custom page. This not only bad for the website owner but for the audience of the website too, a hacked website looses the lot of brand value and trust in their audience. If you are running your website on WordPress CMS then you have many options to secure your website from such attacks.

There are bunch of security plugins for WordPress to choose from, to ease your selection we have compiled

The 7 best free security plugin for WordPress.

1 iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)


iTheme security which was formerly known as Better WP Security is one of the best free security plugin for WordPress. This plugin offers 30 ways to secure your website against the security threats, this plugin changes the path of your dashboard. It changes the URL of your wp-content folder to make it secure, this plugin turns of the login ability in away mode.

  • Away mode to stop login during specific time.
  • 30 ways to secure your website
  • changes the path of dashboard.
  • Changes WordPress database table.
  • changes the wp-content path.


2 Wordfence


Wordfence is a free security plugin which starts is work by scanning your website to find out if it is already infected. This website runs deep inside the code of your WordPress core, theme and plugins to find out any infected code that can cause potential threat to the website. This plugin also speeds up your website up to 50 times faster.

  • Scans your website on install.
  • Scans core,theme,plugins.
  • Makes website up to 50 times faster.
  • Simple to setup.


3 WP Security


Wp Security Scan is now Acunetix WP Security is a free security plugin which secures your website by adding security to the database. This plugin hides the version of the WordPress, which secure your website from vulnerabilities of a specific version. This plugin also has a built-in website defender which guards your website from hackers attacking your website.

  • WordPress version removal.
  • Adds security to database tables.
  • Has website Defender.
  • Admin protection.
  • Adds file permissions


4 BulletProof Security


BulletProof Security is a free security plugin which protects your website form XSS, RFI,CRLF, CSRF,Base64, Code Injection, SQL injection and hacking attempts. This free security plugin also monitors your login info, this help to stop brute force login attempts. It has a maintenance mode which comes with a timer with time left for maintenance.

  • htaccess core security.
  • protects from code injection, sql injection, etc.
  • Monitors login data.
  • Translations.


5 Secure WordPress


Secure WordPress free security plugin which suggests corrective measures for making your website secure such as securing file permission, hinging the version of WordPress, adding security to database. The also secures WordPress admin by adding protection.

  • File permission.
  • Passwords.
  • Version hiding.
  • Database security.
  • WordPress admin protection.


6 All In One WP Security and firewall


All In One WP Security & Firewall is free security plugin which take care of all the security needs that you can think of for your website. This plugin will check your User account security to find out that if any user name is admin, if there is such an account on your website than it lets you change the user name. With login security you get protected against the brute force attack, you also get database security with this plugin. This plugin has three levels of security “basic”,”intermediate” and “advanced” to give you freedom to choose the amount of security you want on your website.

  • Login security.
  • User Account security.
  • htaccess security.
  • File system security.
  • Ban IP with Blacklist feature.


7 Exploit Scanner


Exploit Scanner scans your website files, posts as well as comments table in the website database to find any suspicious activity. This plugin also scans your installed plugins to find any suspicious file names. In this plugin you have to delete the suspicious files, the plugin won’t do it on its own.

  • Finds suspicious files.
  • Scans tables in database.
  • Scans plugins.
  • Manual deletion of suspicious files.



This is the list of best free security plugin for WordPress which we feel are top of the line plugins. We strongly recommend to install security a plugin on your website, Please note that you should not be running two security plugins simultaneously on your website, This can cause conflict between the two. Tell us which plugins you use for the security of your website in the comment section bellow.

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