The 5 Best free WordPress Lazy Load Plugins


List of Top 5 free WordPress Lazy Load Plugins to reduce page load.

Everyone hates a slow loading website, no one like to wait for more than a few seconds for a page to load. This waiting increases in folds when a page contains many images. Having images on your post is very important for users to have a nice experience, but at the same time we should know that images carries lot more weight than text which takes time to load increasing the page load time.

This increase in page load is not good for SEO of your website, now a days there are many website which likes to use gifs in their posts. Gifs are even heavier than Jpeg, pages with gifs can take a lot of time to load. To load every image a new HTTP request is made which will make your page take more time to load.

The solution to this problem is to use a lazy load plugin, a lazy load plugin will load the images when needed this will greatly reduce your page load time. You can read about how to use lazy load in the link above, to make your search easy I’ve sorted the List of best free WordPress Lazy Load plugins.

1 – Lazy Load


Lazy load is a plugin developed by, VIP team of automatic, the redesign team of techcrunch 2011 and Jake Goldman. This plugin is designed to make your images lazy load, with the weight of the plugin kept in mind. This is a light coded plugin so it doesn’t take too much resources from the server.

This is simple to install and configure plugin, there is no need for setting up just install and you are done.

Highlights & Features

  • Light coded.
  • Developed by WordPress.
  • Simple to use.
  • Uses jQuery.sonar.


2 – BJ Lazy Load


BJ lazy load is another free WordPress lazy load plugin which replaces all your post images, thumbnails, gravatar images and content iframes with a placeholder. With this the images loads when the content comes closer to the browser window, which helps you reduce the page load time as well as saves the bandwidth.

In responsive designs the images are automatically scaled down to the size of the device screen. This plugin is retina ready which means apple device users will get a flawless experience.

Highlights & Features

  • Replaces images.
  • Automatic resizing of images.
  • Retina ready.
  • Saves bandwidth.


3 – jQuery Lazy Load


jQuery is a free lazy load plugin which use java script to make your images load lazy, this means the images in your post only loads when the image area reaches the visible browser window area. The java script will make the image area to get noticed that the visible browser window is reached and the images should load.

This is a popular plugin on the WordPress repository for lazy loading of images.

Highlights & Features

  • Popular plugin.
  • Use java script.
  • Light weight.
  • No settings needed.


4 – Advanced Lazy Load


Advanced lazy Load is an amazing plugin for lazy load which makes the images load when the user scrolls the page & the image area is reached. This plugin also uses the jQuery script to make images lazy loading. This reduces the page load time as the text loads earlier than images and for all the images a new HTTP connection is made.

When all images are not loading at once Less HTTP connections are made so its reduces the page load time to a great extent.

Highlights & Features

  • jQuery scripts.
  • Less HTTP connections.
  • Reduces page load time.
  • Two types of settings.


5 – unveil Lazy Load


Unveil Lazy Load is very light weight plugin that uses the jQuery script which is created as well as optimized by unveil.js, to make an image load when it reaches the view port it uses a script of just 0.6kb. This reduces the Load on servers by making less connections, reducing the page load time.

The image is loaded in HTML with data URI scheme technique, due to this plugin needs not to load an external dummy image required for lazy-load.

Highlights & Features

  • jQuery scripts.
  • Light weight scripts.
  • URI scheme.
  • Reduces connections.



This is the list of best free WordPress lazy load plugins to make your website load fast. Having a lazy load plugin for images on you website can do wonders to reduce your page load. We would like to hear which plugin you like to use for lazy loading your images in the comment section below.

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