I finally found the super key to success

Why i an not successful story

I finally found the super key to success

A lot of things going around on the internet, telling you about the super key to be successful, when you are in the online world.

Even though there are a lot of things that you need on different platforms in order to be successful.

In social media or in the blogging world,you have to take care of different kind of things, in social media we have to take care of hashtags, where is in the blogging culture we have to look after SEO.

Today I am not going to talk about these kind of traditional things that you have to go through on different platforms.

But what is the super key.

Why i an not successful story

You must have not seen a lot of people, who never use any false methods or any kind of gimmicks but still they are very successful either on social media on the blogging culture or you can say even on YouTube.

Many times people wonder, even sometimes I wonder what make them so successful, even when someone is not that serious in gaining so much of followers or audience in the blogs.

This led to the ultimate question.

Why I am not so successful, what I am doing wrong

There are a lot of things that goes in the mind of newcomers even the experience one that I am doing every little thing right I am taking care of each and every thing like I am taking care of SEO social media promotions off page SEO I am building the backlinks and on social media I am posting really good stuff which should be admired by lot of people but still it’s not getting so much of exposure that it deserves.

why i am not successful team

This is not only me or you, this happens to lot of people who this want to be successful at the things that they are doing.

Let me tell you something, when I started I used to invest day and night doing a lot of things. Taking care of pictures right kind of Keyword density generating the links taking care of header tags and all kind of stuff, Still I was seeing some progress but not as much as I wanted to.

So what I did is stop for a while thinking about, what I am doing wrong, what should i be focusing on, where is the fault.

Then started looking to the successful people, what is the basic key that they are using which I don’t have.

Finally found the super key to success.

Simply going through the successful people’s blogs and social media profile I found a key what each of them have common in them, I found out that first of all as you must have heard that consistency is the key.

Even I have heard that, but with all the other things pushing into the picture. I forgot that consistency is one of the primary factors that I used to believe in. When we researched devotees social media profiles and blogs, I found out that these people are so passionate about the world, that they want to spend most of the time delivering my stuff and they are doing that without expecting anything in return. They even say that they are doing all these thing just to make themselves happy. Where as I was doing everything to gain more followers more readers more audience.

why i am not successful graph

This was the primary factor, which click my mind that, what they are doing is, they are not expecting any results, still there putting lot of hard work. By being consistent everyday every time.

All social media profiles I found out that they used to post 3 or 4 times a day or even more than that and bloggers they have made clear calendar posting days, most of the successful bloggers post at least once a day if not then on the alternate day. But the never jeopardize the posting habits, where as non successful people was inconsistent how you can say that they were irregular while posting the content sometimes they use to over do it and sometime they just under do it like sometimes they use to post 6 to 10 articles in a week time where is in the other we it was hardly one or two.

This made me realize that whatever you do, how much Backlinks you create how much SEO you do, if you are not consistent in your work then somewhere the algorithms of these big websites and search engines, they know that you are not so serious about delivering the contents. So the don’t promote you. You can say that they don’t push you towards the ultimate success that you have pictured somewhere in your mind.

When you will see the result of being consistent?

This was the second question which hit my mind, if you think that if you start posting regularly from now onward, then within no time you will be very successful and that’s about it, you achieve your goals. If that’s the case, then you are really lucky but sorry to say, this is not how ranking websites in search engine works.

Search engine algorithm faces a lot of different kind of people each and every day that’s why they have accumulated a huge set of data which tells how long this person has been active how long he has been posting how regular he is,

Search engines algorithm know that there are a lot of newcomers coming each and every day and their consistent for some days to a few months and after that the consistency drops. They become irregular and this is the time the algorithm knows that this person is not that serious about the content creation.

Consistency is the key, in fact it’s the super key, but to really unlock the giant lock of success. You have to be consistent while taking care of other factors, which consists of the search engines, this tells them you are putting a lot of effort in your work, plus you are damn serious about it. This way your discover ability in the search engines will rise, even on the social media or on your blogging world.

When you audience which sees you as someone who delivers really helpful content then in addition to the search engine algorithm these people will also help you increase your audience which will be more and more beneficial for you success.

Why being consistent is the most important?

Whenever we start posting online at the start we used to take care of each and everything from minor things your density to hashtags to the proper SEO link building and all that later down the stage these things they don’t fade away we still try to take care of keyword density, put in a lot of relevant hashtags. But what we forget is the primary key of being consistent sometimes we find an excuse of not being there, we have a lot of other work to deal with sometimes we have to travel, we have to go home, we have to be in a meeting, a lot of things that comes up in our life which certainly hit the consistency and later down the lane we will stop thinking about the consistency and think that whenever I want, I will post rather than thinking that I will post every time my blog needs.

If you are really dealing with the problem of being consistent then there is a way, it’s called scheduling. In what ways there is a great feature called scheduling which you can use to deliver the content consistently.

If you want to know more about it then there is a full tutorial on how to use scheduling to maintain blog consistency.

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  1. Yes, consistency is key, but you still have to do every other thing as well.

    Keyword research, SEO etc. I don’t do link building. Yes, link building might mean fast traffic, but for now, I want my backlinks to grow naturally.

    This is the first time I’m using my website to comment on a post.

    I felt connected to this site because it has the first theme I tried on my website (I think it’s called Hueman, not sure anymore).

    Anyway, great post, will be checking back from time to time.

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