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When ever you visit a website have you ever experienced getting to a 404 error page not found page.If you have experienced this than you must be knowing that this is one of the worst and bitter experience that a user can have, This makes your audience loose the trust they have entrusted on your website. This is not only bad for user experience but it can put a really bad effect on your website SEO, as you don’t like broken links so does the search engines. When ever bots crawls your website they also checks the links you have placed on your website and if they find any 404 page that means a broken link they take that to notice. This decreases you ranking in search engines that can results in fall in the visitors and sometimes leads to death of a blog or website.


Broken links are hazardous to your website you know that by now, It is also to be noted that it is very hard to check and find broken links manually. If you have a big WordPress website with lot of content and new posts jumps in frequently then it is almost impossible to find these broken links manually. That’s why to find these Broken links in WordPress the easy way we need a WordPress plugin Which is broken link checker. This is one of the top of the line plugin which you must have for checking and correction of all the broken links at one place.

Broken link checker  has almost two and a half million downloads and an average of 4.1 rating which makes this a very popular WordPress plugin. To have this for your website you have to install and activate the plugin Back Link Checker. Once you have installed and activated the plugin you have to go to Settings » link checker. 

broken links for wordpress

This plugin will now start its work to find out the broken links, This process takes place in the background and will take some time depending on the amount of content on your website. The more is the content more time it will take as this plugin has to go through each and every post and link to notice that whether there a 404 page as a result of a link, if it is then this plugin will short list that link and show you in the result.

Now after getting the result you can click the link to edit it or you can go to Tools » Link Breaker and see the list of all the broken links that are on your website, then you can update them to a working link. This plugin also gives you option to perform bulk actions like mark as unbroken,  unlinking of all unbroken links and fix redirects.

This plugin usually cones with a setting to check all the links every 72 hours, you can add your own preferred time interval but what we suggest is that you should disable the plugin once you are done with fixing broken links and turn that one only when you want to check for broken links. We recommend to check for broken link after two to three months.

You should also check for broken links if you have changed your domain. When you change domain name all the internal links becomes broken you can fix all that easily after you activate this plugin.

Please feel free to tell us about the experience you have with this plugin and how many broken links you found using this plugin by leaving a comment below.

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