How to create a floating sidebar on WordPress website

floating sidebar widget

As you must be knowing that side bar is one of the most important place on your website, is you don’t then you missing a great point of deal at this. A great sidebar tells viewers a lot about your website, what you have to offer and you can also lead them to the area where you want them to go.

You must be wondering how then is you take a look at the side bar of many popular websites then you will notice that they have all the important stuff and links that they think are useful for their viewers, many websites if they are selling a product or a service likes to display it on the sidebar so that they viewers will notice it and this will help in conversion rates. Sidebar is such an important thing that sometimes websites make them float while sometimes it’s nice to disable them on the front page to display more information.

Now that you realize how important the sidebar is then you should know that, you should absolutely not waste it anyhow.Just think that you have all the necessary items on the sidebar of your website then when a viewer scrolls down then they will see a blank space after the sidebar ends. this is a problem. You should not waste the precious space by leaving it blank, but you can not make your sidebar so long either.

Then the solution is floating sidebar, this will make your sidebar float even when the sidebar ends and viewer keeps on scrolling down to go through your content. This will give your viewer more chance to get the content on the sidebar when the article is finished.

Now let’s get on with making your sidebar float when viewers scroll on the content of your website.

Learn to make sidebar float on WordPress website.

To have floating sidebar feature on your website you just have to get a simple plugin named Q2W3 fixed widget, this will stick the last widget of your sidebar, so when the user scrolls below the area where sidebar ends the last widget will keep on scrolling with it. This will help you display information rather than a boring blank space.

fixed widget sidebar

Now that you have installed and activated Q2W3 fixed widget then you have to go to Dashboard»Appearance»Widgets and there you will see that you have an option to make any widget fixed. and the ones which you click the box which says Fixed Widget.

Then the feature will activate and then the widgets on the sidebar will float. For customization of the widget you have to head to Appearance»Fixed widget option, there you will find a lot of option in which there is one saying disable the plugin for phone as well as one for tablets.

This is done by disable width feature, any display width less than a certain pixels will disable the fixed widget feature. So you can set the minimum display size on which you would like this plugin to work, below that the regular website sidebar will load.

fixed widget options

The reason many people like to do this on phones and tablets are that, these devices don’t even show sidebar at the display, rather they are displayed after the article finishes and if that happens then on many devices fixed widget can act a bit awkwardly.

What kind of widgets you should make in a floating sidebar?

To make the most out of it you should go in for using the sticky feature for the most important widgets.

  • Promote the best pages of your website.
  • Promote an affiliate product.
  • To give an offer or to sell a product(Deal, Discount,Sale).
  • To built an email list by subscription.
  • You can use it to display ads(Check advertisers policy before applying).
  • To show Related posts for better engagement.

Other than this you can use this on any widget, you think is best suited for your website. Like for travel bloggers they can use this for subscriptions or showing a gallery where they show photos and videos of where they visited, for travel bloggers pictures and videos are more important than anything else. You must have heard that pictures speaks louder than words and that’s perfectly right for travel bloggers.

They can also have a contact form on the fixed widget side as they make a earning by being sponsored, to be sponsored getting contacted is the most important part. To put a contact me button right at the fixed widget will help sponsors to easily contact the person.

You can see that it totally depends on the person using the widget on how he uses it, to make the best out of it. You have to find the your own way in which you can best use this plugin.

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