How to make money from youtube – All you should know


Making money from YouTube videos – A Comprehensive Guide

When we talk about YouTube the first thing that comes to our mind is videos, lot of videos. In fact YouTube is the biggest site for hosting videos, YouTube is a Google Inc product. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, there are a massive 3 billion searches a month on YouTube.

You must be wondering why people search on a video site, the reason is people like to watch videos than reading. Videos are sometimes more informative than text, why this is that sometimes a user get to grasp more knowledge than what the up-loader likes to describe.


There are a lot of YouTube users who have channels on which they upload their videos, many of these earn a lot of money from them. YouTube is one of the best ways to make money online, Some of the users even become big celebrities from it.

YouTube can be a great source for making money, even you can do it. There are ways by which you can use YouTube videos to earn some sweet cash out of it.

Now not wasting any time i start with the ways by which you can make money from YouTube.

1. YouTube Partner program

partner-program-make-money-from-youtubejpgThis is by far the most common and best way to make money from YouTube. In this process advertisements are placed on your videos, when some one clicks on these ads then you get the money out of it. The ads are placed by Google adsense, this is due to YouTube being a Google company.

Why this is known as a YouTube partner program is because you have to share your earning with YouTube that comes from adds. There is no limit as to which extent you can earn, some of the video up-loaders earns millions from it. The thing is your content should be original and useful, you can apply for monetization of the video. If your video goes viral then you can earn a lot of money from a single video.

You should be uploading regularly in order to keep your subscribers getting new content, this will help you to get views for new and old videos which will help you to earn money on consistent basis.

There are two ways by which you can place ads in your videos.

One is CPC that is cost per click in this there are ads placed as text on videos and visual based on the sidebar.

Second is CPV which is cost per view this that video ads placed before video starts, This gives you money on basis of views not by clicks.

2. Selling Affiliate Products

Selling an affiliate product is another way by which many of the people earn from YouTube, to sell an affiliate product you have to make a video related to the product. There are many people who make video tutorials for users and add an affiliate link to the product, which lets them to earn commission for the sold product.

To tell you a story, there’s a guy who make videos about getting your website online and at the end of the video he gave the affiliate links and coupon to the products he uses in the video and in description.

With these links she earns a lot, user gets the products without having to search for it and the up-loader of the video gets the affiliate commission.

3. Sell Your Own Product

sell-make-money-from-youtubeThis is one of the ways which many people uses, there are many people who are really good at making things. If you are one of such person then you should make videos about the product, display the complete functionality and features of the product, make the video interesting so that the viewers should know that they need to have this product.

There are many people who makes video about the products they have made, after this people takes interest in them. There are many people out there who will ask about the product, where can they get it, are they online. If you have a website for selling your product then you can place a link to the product in video as well as in description.

This is very helpful for those who are creative and don’t have a big source for selling their product.

4. Sponsored Videos

YouTube is a place where people subscribe for good content videos, if you have a big subscriber list then you can get many people who will offer you to make a sponsored video for them, you get paid on per video basis.

If you are to make a sponsored video then you should keep it in mind that it should be related to the videos you make, If you are in to tech or humor videos then you can’t sell a beauty product.

Even your subscribers will get annoyed from it, so while making a sponsored video keep it mind that product should be useful to the users.

If you endorse a product which is of no use to people then your subscribers will lose trust in you.

5. Create a hit

If you are good at singing then you should make a single and publish it on YouTube, if your single gets viral then you can earn millions from it.

You must have heard the single from PSY. Yeah I’m talking about the gangam style video, This video has got over one and a half billion views, with this huge number of views a video can make millions.

Yes you can make millions from just one video, its all about the views.

6. Donation

donate-make-money-youtubeIf you are working for a noble cause or in a non-profit organization the you can use YouTube to generate some money. If you want to start a new venture and wants to raise capital the you can use YouTube for this purpose.

There are many chances when YouTube has worked with lot of people to generate money for them. YouTube helps the new start-ups to gain the venture capital, but for that you should be a non-profit organization.


These are the ways to make money from YouTube, there are some more ways by which you can earn but i think that those are complex and works for one in a million. Just for this reason i showed the ways which can be used by anyone to earn money for YouTube. For these ways to be successful you have to keep in check that the content is original and video is interesting.

If you make a videos which are not so interesting then no one will subscribe to your channel, meaning less viewers which will lead to less income.

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