The 3 Best free WordPress plugins to sell photos online


List of Top free WordPress plugins to sell photos online for earning more money.

Many of us are there who have a creative edge, taking some beautiful photographs is one of them. Many people make a living of selling photographs online, some like to sell them on third-party websites. These website have some benefits as well as some drawbacks, where the pros are that these websites have a large database of users who buy photographs and the cons consists of that these websites takes commission when your photographs sells. There are many professionals who like to sell their photographs on their own Website, selling on their own website have many benefits apart from the fact they don’t have to pay commission is that they can choose their own price as well as terms of usage.

If you like to sell your photographs on your WordPress website then you can do this by the help of a plugin. Using a plugin will help you sell your photos in a proper way, a plugin will not only help you sell your photos online, it also gives you a benefit of choosing your own terms. There are a lot of WordPress plugins out there which can help you to sell your photos online, just to ease your search we have selected the best WordPress plugins to sell photos online.

1 – WP isell photo


WP isell photo is by far the best free WordPress plugin to sell photos online, this plugin is a complete solution to sell your photos online. With this plugin you have an ability to turn your existing gallery to the an e-commerce store, which means you can place the price of the image with your existing photo gallery. This plugin gives you the freedom to choose any gallery you like rather than being stuck with there gallery, this is very beneficial for those who gives a lot of consideration to the design of their website.

Receiving payments with this plugin is easy as this WP isell photo has a feature called one click pay which helps users to pay with paypal in a single click. You can configure the gallery settings as you wish, this feature has a lot of options like link thumbnails, attachment page, media file, columns, thumbnail order, etc.

Highlights & Features

  • Works with your existing gallery.
  • One click pay.
  • Simple to use.
  • Different layout settings.
  • PayPal paying system.


2 – Sell Media


Sell media is a great free plugin which helps you sell photos online, this plugin is a full solution to sell all your digital media files. Selling images, videos, audio as well as PDF files all can be achieved with the help with this plugin. You can charge the user with different types of use, license can be set as editorial, commercial or personal use.

Payment for the photos will mainly received by PayPal, but this plugin also have some additional payment gateways on its list. This plugin is so powerful that some themes have special compatibility for it.

Highlights & Features

  • Sell all kind of media.
  • Fee depending on type of licence.
  • Protect your images.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Specialized themes for the plugin.


3 – CP image store with slideshow


CP image store with sideshow is a plugin which can be called a feature filled plugin, this plugin also have a PayPal. Where this plugin has an edge is that you have an option to sell your images in different resolutions with price variation. You have multiple setting which can be used to get your desired look, User can filter the result, select the number of columns, pagination, user also have the option of sorting the results.

With the help of widget functionality you can place selective image in your post, page or even in the sidebar with the help of a widget. If user likes your photo then they have the option to share them on social networking website.

Highlights & Features

  • PayPal support.
  • Various resolution versions.
  • Multiple settings.
  • Widget support.
  • Sharing feature.



This is our list of best free WordPress plugins to sell your photos online, If you know any other plugin which should be on our list, the please use the comment section. We would also like to hear about your thoughts on the list.

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