The 7 Best free WordPress weather plugin


Top list of free WordPress Weather plugin to display weather on your Website.

Weather is an interesting thing to know, when ever we make a plan of a trip we make sure to check the weather so that we can prepare for it before hand. Weather can totally change the outcome of a trip, say if you are going to visit a nice beach which you think should have nice sun, instead you get all windy & cloudy weather. It will certainly ruin your trip, this can be all avoided by the knowing the weather conditions before hand.

If you have a website that is some what associated with weather somehow like if you website niche is about Traveling, News, Weather or you simply like to display weather to your audience. You can easily display the weather conditions on your WordPress website with the help of these best free WordPress Weather plugins.

1 – WP Forecast

wp-forecast-best-free-wordpress-weather-pluginWp forecast is one of  the most popular free WordPress weather plugin, this plugin will help you to display weather data from as well as from You can display weather information on your post, page or on the sidebar of your blog, This plugin lets you customize the weather setting according to your need like location, refresh time, wind speed unit, number of forecast days, daytime forecast, nite time forecast, etc.

The feature of pull down saves space while showing weather info, it only triggers when user want to see the full weather data. If you want to display multiple weather forecasts then this plugin has a support for it too.

Highlights & Features

  • Weather data from accuweather, weatherbug.
  • Customization of weather data.
  • Language support.
  • Pull down feature.
  • Multiple WP-forecast widget.


2 – Weather forecast – WP Wunderground


Weather Forecast is dedicated to showing weather conditions from, Wunderground is a weather website which is made by weather geeks. These guys like to display weather conditions in a detailed manner, this plugin has 10 different icons sets to have different look for different websites.

To display the weather conditions anywhere on your blog you can use the feature of short-code, short-code will help you with displaying different types of weather conditions on different ares of your website.

Highlights & Features

  • Uses data from
  • 10 icon sets for different look.
  • Short-code facility.
  • Forecast days available
  • Templates option for styling.


3 – Awesome Weather Widget


Awesome weather widget is a sleek-looking WordPress weather plugin with a very clean interface, you have the option to display temperature in either F° or C°. With the option to change widget size from wide to tall according to your blog design. you can choose the number of days you want to display the weather forecast for.

If you like you can hide the stats then you have the feature to hide humidity, wind, high, low, etc. To change the Background to your choice you can display an image of your choice by URL or choose a custom color.

Highlights& Features

  • Temperature in F or C.
  • Change size of widget.
  • Hide stats.
  • Custom background.
  • CSS style option.


4 – Weather Widget – Esotanc Weather


Weather widget by Esotanc weather is a plugin which is available in two languages English, Hungarian. It shows the weather conditions for next five days for any location that you want. You have the option to change the size of the widget, even the style of the weather displaying can be changed with three built-in designs.

This weather plugin can display weather for nearly all the locations of the world, this plugin uses yahoo weather forecast system to display weather conditions.

Highlights & Features

  • Forecast widget for sidebar.
  • Forecast for one to five days.
  • Language support.
  • Yahoo weather forecast system.
  • GFS based weather reporting.


5 – Animated Weather Widget

animated-weather-widget-best-free-wordpress-weather-pluginAnimated weather widget is a superfast weather widget which displays weather in a form of nice widget which can be shown in full size in the footer of your website. Yoou also have an option to display smaller size widget in the sidebar of your blog this mini widget when clicked expands in size with a semi transparent layout to show full featured widow of weather conditions.

This plugin comes with two skin options to change the look of the widget used to display the weather data. Data display will be fast due to CDN service of the plugin.

Highlights & Features

  • Hourly 7 day forecast.
  • Current weather.
  • CDN service.
  • Two skin option
  • Mini widget facility.


6 – Alfie Weather


Alfie WP Weather is a great free WordPress weather plugin which will display weather conditions according to the user location, this plugin use the Geo Ip to detect the location in order to display the weather forecast. If no location is found then this plugin shows the weather conditions of the default location set by you.

You can display weather information according to your choice from full to minimized, you can also customize the weather information you like your users to see. This plugin has a support for 16 languages.

Highlights & Features

  • Geo Ip for location detection.
  • Weather based on user location.
  • 16 language support.
  • Customized weather data.
  • Load performance optimization.


7 – Easy Weather Widget

easy-weather-widget-best-free-wordpress-weather-pluginEasy Weather Widget as the name suggests is a very easy to configure & use plugin. This plugin gives you a simple option to place a weather widget on your website, in the widget you just have to input the U.S zip code, then the weather conditions of the specific city will be displayed.

Highlights & Features

  • Easy to configure.
  • U.S Zip code.
  • Widget functionality.
  • Current weather



This is the list of best free WordPress weather plugin which will take care of your weather displaying needs. all the plugins have different abilities, so choose the one which is most suitable for your website. This list for best free WordPress weather plugins is made by having different type of features in consideration.

If you like the post feel free to share it, If you like to suggest a weather plugin which should be on our list or just want to share your thoughts then leave us a comment.

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