How to update site URL when you change domain name


When you change the domain name you should update site URL in internal links.


There are times when you have to change the domain name, Some times you find the perfect new domain name when suits you domain niche better. We have seen many websites to change their domain names, sometimes it’s due to their own choise and sometime website owners have to.

If we take WordPress for example, they don’t let others use WordPress in domain name. Many people who dont know about this register a domain name with the word WordPress in it then after some time when WordPress guys contact them and tell them about the it, then they have to change it to something new mostly people like to use word WP in domain name instead of WordPress.There are more examples where people had to change the domain name, but we are not getting to that.

Sometimes it’r really hard to find a domain name that can get feeling that this is the right one. For that you can use the domain name suggestion tools online.

These tools can be a huge help to dig out the domain name that can be perfect for your website. Why are these tools wonderful is that they can suggest some wonderful domain names which you don’t have in mind.

While we create a list of pages and posts on out websites we do a ton of interlinking, with this interlinking every link placed have a link with domain name in the URL. And when you change the domain name then you have to update the website URL.

how to update website URL after changing domain name

To do this easily after moving your website, you have to install a plugin called velvet blue update URLs. This plugin have a powerhouse that can help you to update site URL when you change the domain name.

Now after installing and activation, you have to go to Dashboard»Tools»Update URLs. Now after reaching here you will see a window like the one below.


Here you will see the fields where you have to enter the old and new website URL, by default the option URLs in page content is clicked as most of the time this one is used. This option will change the URLs in posts, pages, custom post types and revisions. Interlinked URLs are mostly used in these types only.

There are more options there too, you can make use of them too go get the desired results. After making your choices you should hit the update URLs NOW Button. This will change all the old URls with the new ones in the database.

Summing it up

Now that you have updated the URL after changing the domain name, you should consider setting a 301 redirect to save the SEO. This will direct all the link juice flowing towards older links, this will maintain the ranking of the website. If you don’t place a redirect the this will display as an error on your Webmaster tools.

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