How to easily add buttons without shortcode


Learn how to easily add buttons without shortcode to the post with the styles you like.


You can add buttons without the need of shortcode

Every now and then you have to get buttons on some parts of your website.

There are some plugins which help you to place a button with the help of a short code. One of our clients asked for an easier method, using shortcode was too much for them. They have to go create a buttons and then copy the shortcode, place it on the post. Doing this again and again was becoming a hassle for them.

What they wanted was an easy way by which they can add a button with just a few clicks, There is a way to solve the problem.

There is a plugin called Forget About Shortcode Buttons.

This add buttons without shortcode.

This solves the problem of having a shortcode to display a button on the WordPress website

In order for this plugin to work you must be on the WordPress version 3.9 or higher. Once you have installed and activated the plugin then you will be able to see a button icon on you visual editor screen. You have to click this button.


When you click this button the this will bring a popup with a lightbox effect. You don’t have to leave the editor window, the popup will be above it.

add-buttons-without-shortcodes main

Now when you see this window you have to enter the text that you want to display on the button and the URL. With the check box you can make the button open the link in new tab.

After the text and URL placement you can make the selections as per your choice, you have the options to choose text color, button color from unlimited colors, size of the button, there are five sizes available, extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large. You can even chose the type of button you like to have.

add-buttons-without-shortcodes icons

There are nine types of different icon sets which can help you to choose the right icon that suits the button. From dashicons, web, media, form, currency, editor, directional, brand, medical, there are many icons that can make the button more suitable to your website.

If you like to use a specific style the you have the option to save the type and style by hitting the save icon, which is right beside the preview button window. This way when you want to get the same button style then you just have to templates and click the saved button style you like. This will apply the settings automatically, all you have to do is enter text and URL.

Now you can add buttons without shortcode to your posts easily with this plugin.

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