Are you still ignoring the Youtube watch time


YouTube, yes this thing takes most of our time be it vlogs, travel videos or even DIY videos that you Love to try.

There is nothing that we can do about it, YouTube is the biggest video search engine in the world after all,

There are tons of videos uploaded every minute,

ok if you are a creator as well then this article will answer many of your lovelly question that comes to your mind every day.

  • why my channel is not growing?
  • I posted superior content than that channel then, why he is growing not me?
  • why my YouTube channel not showing in results.
  • My channel is not getting views even when i work so hard.

Well there are many more question like this.

Before i answer the questions, i need you to understand that if i give you 500 clients every hour to do business with, can you handle the load.

The answer would be no, then think that YouTube also get tons of videos each hour to show to viewers, so which one to show you viewers, Simple the best one.

In YouTube terms the person whose videos is being watch is the best, as it is generating views and viewers like to watch it, This does not meat that your video is not good in this way. Its that it has not proved itself yet.

You must be thinking that you made the best video or better video than the other guy who have million of views, then why is that you are not getting any views.

Lets take YouTube as a business, which that is, they are making most of their money from advertisers, now if you are in YouTube shoes then you must be worried about retaining your advertisers.

Earlier YouTube had a policy where the content creator had a liberty to place ads where ever they liked on their video.

Now the things have changed drastically, this intern changed the whole algorithm of YouTube.

YouTube watch time is the new king

Now YouTube watch time is the king, I know that you must be saying that content is always the king. Yes, you are right, now the king as a content have to prove himself but generating the watch time.

Why is YouTube that important, now a days every platform is having a kind of tug of war to make viewers stick to their platform more and more.

successful Instagram page

If you see clearly then Instagram was primarily a photo sharing social media platform then they added videos and finally when tik-tok cam with short videos then Instagram had to launch reels which is the same concept.

Viewers liked these short video so in order to retain the viewers YouTube launched YouTube shorts.

Its all about retaining Viewers, how watch time played a role in that, when a video have more watch time then that means the people are more engaged to that content and so with more watch time YouTube can present more ads, which leads to more profit.

Before we jump into YouTube’s profit first we have to look at what YouTube watch time as a whole have to do with this.

Earlier YouTube Had a average video length of around 3-4 minutes, this was how mush an average person liked to spend on a video, as a matter of fact people still like to watch around 3-4 minutes.

Now YouTube Likes to have more watch time for growth so in order to have more watch time per video people are creating videos ten minutes long.

This way the watch time increases, Now you must be thinking that why my channel is not growing which that content I am creating.

Then you my friend have to know about another thing that is video watch time in per view.

In this thing YouTube analyze that how long your video retains your viewers, so the video is 3 minutes long and retain viewers for 2 minutes, and in other video of 10 minutes long.

Viewers watch time is 6 Minutes even though the percentage of watch time if bigger in first case but the actual watch time is better in the second.

Just think that YouTube as a business can show more ads in 2 mins watch time or 5 minutes watch time.

When you think of the business model the you will get the picture that YouTube is business, They like to keep growing while engaging viewers mostly to their platform.

As a new comer you come to their platform create videos now why YouTube should promote your videos instead of the creator whose videos are being watched by millions, That video has proved itself.

Your video still have to prove it, simple way of doing this by increasing the watch time, in order to do that you have to make long videos and increase watch time. and in that video you have to put value in the whole video so that viewer should stick till the end or to the most of it.

Think it like that if your video is three time long then your competitor then you have to achieve only one third of the views to match the watch time, Still you will be far ahead of him as you are increasing viewer retention time on platform more than the competitor.

Know about YouTube watch time algorithm

You just have to take more hours to get more information about your video and create a one long interesting video, earlier people use to make small multiple videos of 3-4 minutes and uploaded very frequently, this made the video count grow immensely but the content decorated.

Now all the those videos which once were ruling the YouTube are nowhere near and not been seen as watch time algorithm kicked in.

If you watch closely then you will find that YouTubers who have been there for long enough say 4-5 years have changes their video length, this is because they use many metrics to determine how their videos are performing and change according to that.

YouTube keeps changing their algorithm, the things that worked Few years back may not work now.

You have to change according to that. 4-5 yeas back it was very rare for people to upload in 1080p resolution leaving 4K aside. most of the videos were in 360P – 480P.

This also made a deciding factor when things changed in YouTube algorithm, Now a days you rarely see any360P video.

Where are they, You know YouTube never delete any video. the information in that video has not change then why it is not being shown.

The answer is the technology changes the capacity of devices to stream 1080p 4K even 8K videos have developed to great extent.

YouTube like their viewers to get the best experience in oreder to retain them.

So viewer retention on the platform is the main priority now so watch time plays a huge role in getting you views, while pumping growth to your channel.

This way your video will be promoted more than your competitor. Getting you more views and money as well.

Other than this there a many more things that you have to do in order to be successful, like SEO , thumbnail creation.

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