The 5 Best free WordPress anti Spam Plugins


List of Top free WordPress Anti Spam plugins to protect you from spamming.

When we start the blogging journey we thing that every thing will be fair. In reality every thing is not as good as we think it is. There are many people out there who like to ruin your work or take advantage from it. One of such guys are Spammers, spam can be a real trouble when you start your blogging journey.

To protect yourself from spam you have the option to use anti-spam plugins which will protect your blog. I’ve created a list of Best free WordPress Anti spam plugins to help you save time and energy which you would spend looking for the right one.

1 – Anti Spam Bee


Anti spam Bee is the most desirable solution to get rid of spam on your WordPress blog, there is about 20 selectable functions which you can use in order to customize the way you like the plugin to function. This plugin does not stores any of your personal data, so you can have the peace of mind about any info sharing.

To use this plugin you don’t have to register anywhere, it’ll also show you the statics for the last 30 days.

Highlights & Features

  • No need for registration.
  • No personal data storage.
  • Free for commercial use.
  • 30 days stats.


2 – Spam Free WordPress


Spam free WordPress a plugin which saves you from comment spam. This plugin will positively save you from spam with zero spam, with this plugin you are totally secured from the bots who automatically leaves spam comments on your blog. This is a very light plugin which uses very less memory while providing the protection.

Highlights & Features

  • Light weight plugin.
  • Zero spam by bots.
  • Have a pro option.
  • Multi language support.


3 – Grow Map Anti Spambot Plugin


Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin which protects you from automatic bots from leaving spam comments, the new learning spam bots are also restricted with the use of client side generated check box on your comment section. This box will ask users to confirm that users that they are not spammers.

You can set the maximum number of comments from a user to have in a queue, unless you have previously approved a comment from the user.

Highlights & Features

  • Protection from automatic spambots.
  • client side generated check box.
  • Limit maximum number of comments.
  • Stops new learning bots.


4 – WP Spam Shield Anti-Spam


WP Spam Shield Anti-Spam is an all on one solution for your spam problems, this plugin saves you from comment spam, registration spam, trackback & Pingback spam. The feature to protect you from contact spam this plugin have a spam blocking contact form, So that the you don’t have to worry about the getting that spam emails.

To place the spam blocking contact form anywhere on your blog you can use short-code for this purpose.

highlights & Features

  • No captcha.
  • Stops various types of spams.
  • Spam blocking contact form.
  • Short code features.


5 – WordPress Zero Spam


To protect your blog from spam that can be really easy with the use of WordPress Zero Spam plugin, This plugin don’t use captcha or the moderation queue to save users and administrator to save their precious time. There will be no Spam from registration as well as comments.

There is a full support for cache plugins so that there will be no problem if you are using a caching plugin, Blocking of spamming IP is there, when an IP is blocked then that user of that IP can’t view your website.

Highlights & Features

  • No Captcha.
  • No moderation queue.
  • IP Blocking feature.
  • Compatible with Cache.



This is List of Best free WordPress anti-spam plugins to protect your blog from spammers, I’ve not included Akismet which is the best solution for stopping spam but for blogs which are monetized should pay a fee to use their services. Most of the blogs likes to monetize in order to earn, just for this reason I’ve included only those plugins which are totally free.

We would like to hear your views about the plugins you like or like to use, Use the comment section below to drop a comment.

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