The 5 Best free WordPress Database plugin


List of top free WordPress database plugins for optimization.

Database is a very important part of your WordPress blog, WordPress stores all the data in the database tables. When ever a person visits your blog the WordPress looks into the database for the tables associated with it and then displays the result in the form of blog post or page. Database is so important that if something goes wrong with database then all the website gives an error.

Database being the main source where all the information of your blog is kept, If you want to make your website to run smoothly you have to keep the database of your website properly optimized, you should also keep a backup in case something goes wrong. To optimize your database we have a list of best free WordPress database plugins from which you can choose the one you want.

1 – Wp Optimize


Wp Optimize is a popular plugin which can optimize the database of your WordPress blog, this is one of the most popular plugin for optimization in WordPress repository. This feature filled plugin have a tons of features for optimization of database without the requirement of PhpMyAdmin, you can even have many options for the cleaning of your WordPress database like removal of unapproved & spam comments, metadata from comments, pingbacks & trackbacks.

You also have options to enable/disable comments, trackbacks, pingbacks, this plugin is mobile friendly so that you can optimize it on the move too.

Highlights & Features

  • Enable or disable Trackbacks/pingbacks.
  • Remove spam comments.
  • Cleaning up auto draft posts.
  • Removal of unused post revisions.


2 – WP DB Manager


WP DB Manager is a plugin will give you a solution to serve all your database needs, with this plugin you will have the features for database optimize, backup, restore, repair, drop empty tables, delete backup. This plugin also have option to automatic backup your database in case something foes wrong, optimizing and repairing of database is also there.

Highlights & Features

  • Optimize database.
  • Backup & restore database.
  • Drop empty tables.
  • Automatic backup, repairing & optimization.


3 – Optimize database after deleting revisions


Optimize database after deleting revisions is a plugin which can be take care of most of your optimization tasks easily. post revision can be a real pain for some posts with lot revision, these are the entries in database tables which are of no use, these entries are bad for database as it increases the size of the database.

You have the option to set to number of latest revision that you want to store for all the posts of a blog.

Highlights & Features

  • custom selection of maximum revisions.
  • Delete Spam comments.
  • Automatic Scheduling for optimization .
  • Option to delete trashed posts, pages.


4 – Participants Database


This plugin provides a complete solution for the creation and maintenance of database of people, the database created are fully customizable. You have the option to define all the fields of information you want to store for each record in the database. The feature of entering the record individually in the WordPress admin.

The records can be imported to database with the help of CSV file or individuals themselves can create their own record.

Highlights & Features

  • Database for people.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Records can be entered individually.
  • Import from CSV file.


5 – WP Database Optimizer


WP Database optimizer is a plugin which makes your optimization automatic, when ever your make posts then delete it or when you install a plugin and finds out that you don’t like or want it so you remove it, all these entries are stored in your WordPress database’s tables, these entries are of no use but they remain there. This plugin finds these entries and removes them to keep your database clean and fast.

With this plugin you can specify the days after which you like your database to be optimized, rest the work is done automatically by this plugin.

Highlights & Features

  • Simple to use.
  • Automatic optimization.
  • Schedule optimization.
  • WordPress Database Class for work



This is our list of best free WordPress database plugins which you can use to optimize the database of your blog, this will reduce your page load time which will result in delivering lightning fast speed of your blog to the users, this also helps in reducing bounce rate. We would like to hear your thoughts, use the comment section below to drop a comment.

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