The 7 Best free WordPress admin bar plugin


Admin bar is the bar at the top of your blog with many options on it,to make changes to it check our list of best free WordPress admin bar plugins.


List of top free WordPress admin bar plugins

When ever you are logged in your self hosted WordPress blog you will notice that there is an admin bar at the top of the page, be it you dashboard or the blog. This feature was added by WordPress to help gain access to some important parts instantly, this feature is liked by some users where as some like to get rid of it or customize it the way they like.

Now the thing is that WordPress don’t have an option built-in to disable or customize the admin bar. To have these kind of functionality you need to install a third-party plugin to get the desired feature, disabling or hiding your admin bar. So i created a list of best free WordPress admin bar plugins to help you find the right one without having to search.

1 – Disable WP admin Bar removal


Disable WP Admin Bar Removal is a plugin which will help you to get the option to remove the admin bar for the top of your dashboard & blog. With this plugin the usage of memory is less so you get fast performance, with this there is an increase in speed of backend, frontend, dashboard. The option of displaying real-time date and time on the top comes in handy.

With this you can add header and footer log for your WordPress blog, you can even add a log out option at the top of your WordPress dashboard.

Highlights & Features

  • Remove admin bar.
  • Add header & Footer log.
  • Log-out functionality at the top of Dashboard.
  • Saves memory, increases performance.


2 – Global hide Admin Toolbar


Global Hide Admin Toolbar is a plugin which helps you to hide the Admin bar or toolbar in the front end. You have the option to hide the Admin bar depending on the users roles, to make the changes this plugin have a dedicated settings page which holds the options for the changes. If you are using bbPress and BuddyPress then you don’t have to worry about the compatibility.

This plugin also holds options like Settings auto clean option, hide your profile, etc. It is compatible with WordPress 3.1 onwards.

Highlights & Features

  • Hide admin bar depending on user roles.
  • Compatible with bbPress & BuddyPress.
  • Dedicated settings & Options page.
  • Feature filled.


3 – Enhanced Admin Bar With Codex Search


Enhanced Admin Bar with Codex Search is one of those WordPress admin bar plugins which will enhance the features. In default admin bar there is a fixed items that are listed, but when you install this plugin you have an additional search box on the bar. This search box helps you to search a topic within Codex,, WordPress support forums, themes repository, plugins repository etc.

You even have the option to customize the menu on the Admin bar the way you like.

Highlights & Features

  • Adds search box.
  • search in codex support form, plugin & theme repository.
  • Customizable menu.
  • Drop down menu when not in admin area.


4 – Admin Bar Disabler

admin bar disabler

Admin Bar disabler is a plugin which is fairly simple to use, you have to just install and activate it, after that all the work is done by this plugin, if you want to make changes to the way you like this plugin to function then there is an option to change the settings.

You can use this plugin for a single site or multi site on a network depending in your choice.

Highlights & Features

  • Easy Usage.
  • Settings page for options.
  • Multi-site support.
  • Disable admin bar based on user roles.


5 – Disable Admin Bar & Toolbar


Disable admin bar and toolbar is a plugin which can be useful for those who likes to get rid of the Admin bar at the top of WordPress dashboard but don’t want to delete it permanently. This plugin disables the admin bar for front-end and back-end users using a unified code. All the settings are done automatically by the plugin so you don’t need to configure it.

Weather you are on shared, VPS, cloud or dedicated hosting, this plugin is compatible will all hosting types.

Highlights & Features

  • Automatic configuration.
  • Disable bar with unified code.
  • All hosting types are supported.
  • Disables for front & Back end users.


6 – Auto Hide Admin Bar


Auto Hide Admin Bar is a plugin which will not remove your admin bar instead it will hide it from the top, when ever your mouse cursor hover over the top of your dashboard or blog browser window the admin bar reappears. This is a light coded plugin which only adds the auto hide functionality to your blog.

This plugin will help you have a clean look on your blog, this plugin is useful for those who like the admin bar to appear only when they want.

Highlights & Features

  • Light coded
  • Hide Admin Bar
  • Reappear on hover.
  • Simple to use.


7 – WordPress All in One Admin Bar


WordPress All in One Admin Bar is a complete solution to make changes in any way you like to your Admin bar. From changing Background of admin bar or menu items to text style, or adding custom menus to enable toggle or auto hide, changing the logo, you can do it all with this plugin.

Are you annoyed by the howdy greeting you get at the top, now you can change that to any thing you like. Hide admin bar depending on user roles.

Highlights & Features

  • Fully customizable.
  • Change greeting message.
  • Hide bar depending on user roles.
  • Change the Logo.



This is the List of best free WordPress admin bar plugin to help you make changes in the WordPress admin bar. Every plugin have different features so choose the one which you think is best suited for you.

Use the comment section below to give your views about the plugins, we would also like to hear which one do you use or like to use on your blog.

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