The 8 Best free WordPress image optimization plugin


Images have huge effect on user experience, to reduce page load you need to optimize images.In order to make your images load faster Check our list of Best free WordPress image optimization plugin.


List of Top free Image optimization plugins for WordPress.

Images plays an important role in the overall look and feel of the website, even though writing a great blog post is very nice but without an image it looks dull. The articles which do not contain image have more bounce rate than one with an image.

Images enhances the overall user experience which will make audience keep coming back, if you notice than you will find out that all the big blogs & websites who use images which are admirable.

You can guess the importance of images by the fact that there are many websites on the web who only sells images to make an earning, i understand the importance of images so i try to place an image wherever necessary, sometimes i even have to create a few.

Images are important for a website that if can do wonders for your blog design, but images can increase the page load time which is not good for SEO. To Serve the SEO needs we optimize images, you can do it easily in WordPress by using our best free WordPress image optimization plugin.

These plugins will reduce the page load time & at the same time these images will make your blog look great. So lets start with the list of Best free WordPress image optimization plugin.

1 – WP

WP is an image optimization plugin for WordPress which optimizes images by striping the meta data  from JPEGs. WP Smush it uses the compression to reduce the size to an extent where the quality is not compromised. It also converts some GIFs to PNGs in order to optimize it, there are certain colors in the image which is not used, this plugin strip those colors from an image without reducing the quality of image.

This plugin uses the yahoo services to optimize images, in which the images are transferred to yahoo servers get optimized and then returned back to your server.

With the new update you have the new feature of bulk smush with which you can smush many images all at once. This will reduce the load images places on page to a great extent.

Update: yahoo has stopped smushing service so you have to buy pro which uses wpmudev servers to smush images.

Highlights & Features

  • Meta data striping.
  • Reducing size.
  • Striping of unused colors.
  • Bulk smush for multiple images.


2 – Ewww image optimizer


EWWW image optimizer is a full automatic solution to optimize of your images. When you upload the image the plugin will automatically get to the work to optimize it , it will convert the images automatically to the file format which will return the smallest file size, the reduced image size will also save the bandwidth.

This plugin uses a built-in optimizer which will be on your server so there is no transferring of images to other servers to get its size reduced.

Highlights & Features

  • Automatically does all the work.
  • Saves bandwidth.
  • Reduces size of image.
  • Root access not  needed.


3 – SEO Friendly images


SEO friendly images is a must have plugin for your images to be SEO friendly, this plugin will update ALT tags as well as TITLE attribute which will make your images SEO friendly. If the image doesn’t have an ALT tag then this plugin will add one according to the options you set. ALT tag is really important for an image as this tells the search engine about what the image is about.

There is a number of traffic which comes from the image searches, if your image is not SEO optimized then you will not get the traffic from these sources.

Highlights & Features

  • Adds ALT & TITLE tags.
  • Makes images SEO Friendly.
  • Traffic from search engines.
  • Automatically update images.


4 – Imsanity



Imsanity is an image optimization plugin which reduces the size of images to fit your browser size. You can set a configurable size for images, if you upload an image with size larger than you set then this plugin will scale it down. You have the option to convert BMP to JPG so that it can be scaled down to a sane size.

With the option of bulk resizing you can resize multiple images at once using WordPress built-in image scaling functions.

Highlights & Features

  • Fits images to browser size.
  • Configurable size.
  • Bulk resizing.
  • Convert BMP to JPG.


5 – Hammy


Hammy takes the content images from your WordPress post or page and converts regular size image into various smaller sized images. The most appropriate image is served to the user depending upon the size of the browser window they use. With most appropriate size of image user will see the best sized image with reduced page load.

This is specially very beneficial for use in mobile devices, this makes the page loads faster than before.

Highlights & Features

  • Regenerating thumbnail.
  • Mobile device friendly.
  • Best suited image displays.
  • Loads page faster.


6 – Pb responsive images


PB Responsive images is a plugin which reformat the images found on your post automatically into the picture tags which is according to the responsive image community group on With reformatting of each image is done through standard CSS and SLIR image query pairs, giving a huge amount of flexibility in the variety of query combinations.

With option of using a short-code an ability to customize queries used per image, there are helper functions with which you have the ability to customize queries on per post or layout.

Highlights & Features

  • Reformatting images
  • CSS and SLIR image query.
  • Short-code ability.
  • Helper function.


7 – Lazy Load


Lazy Load is a plugin which makes you image load only when the image reaches the browser window. This reduces the page load as well as bandwidth, this plugin is designed by by, VIP team of automatic, the redesign team of techcrunch 2011 and Jake Goldman. this plugin is light weight so it does not take much resources from the server.

If you want to check more lazy load plugins then check our list of best free lazy Load plugins for WordPress.

Highlights & Features

  • Light coded.
  • Developed by WordPress.
  • Simple to use.
  • Uses jQuery.sonar.


8 – Media File Renamer


Media rile renamer is really useful for SEO of images, we all know that Google loves a proper name of a file. With this plugin when you change the name of a file it update all the references to that media in the associated posts. Bulk rename is a feature which enables you to rename all your files all at once.

There are two languages which are supported as per now, one is English and other one is french.

Highlights & Features

  • updates all references of image.
  • Bulk rename.
  • Language support.
  • Tested on many OS,and many plugins.



This is the list of best WordPress image optimization plugin which you can use to optimize your images so that the page load decreases. This will lead to a better user experience and reduction in bandwidth usage. If you like to tip us about any other plugin then please use the comment section below. We would also like to hear about which plugins you use to optimize your images.

You can also serve images from a subdomain which will reduce your page load time drastically Step by step how to serve images from sub-domain.

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