Plugins to speed up your wordpress website


Plugins to speed up your wordpress website

When we start a WordPress website we want everyone to see it and appreciate our hard work we put in. WordPress is a great content management system but when it comes to page load speed it’s about average. This is because of many reasons like theme code, Heavy images, or wrong plugins. Where there are a lot of plugins on the web which says to get the work done but the problem remains as which one to choose, many of the plugins out there are good for nothing. But the good news is that we can help you, the plugins suggested by us are tried and tested before recommending. Before we continue our main question is

Why we need to our WordPress website to load faster.

Plugins to speed up wordpress website

And why do we need plugins to speed up WordPress website

Fast loading website has a lot of benefits over a slow website. Fast loading page is always considered over a slow loading page from audience to search engine point of view.

It is seen that people tends to leave slow loading website than a fast one. No one likes to wait for page to load, waiting is one thing everyone hates.
This increases the bounce rate of the website as most of us don’t want to wait rather we look for somewhere else for the info we want. Every website has a goal of having a good ranking in Google, this also depends on the speed of the page. Page speed has a great effect on the SEO, search engines do loves fast loading page and ranks them higher. Even from monetizing point of view advertisers would love to place on a fast page, if your page is slow than it’ll take even more time to load an advertisement so it keeps those people keep a distance from your website.

This is why you should concentrate on making you website faster. Now we proceed to the plugins that will make your website fast

W3 Total Cache

This is by far the best cache plugin with lot of features like support for content delivery network, database, minify etc. This is the only WordPress Performance Optimization framework out there which will take care of all your caching needs. This plugin has all the desired features for your caching needs.

Alt: wp super cache:

This is one of the most easy to set up caching plugin which will also very good in caching. Super cache reduces your page load time by generating a static HTML page which reduces the load of delivering heavy PHP scripts.

Wp Database Optimizer

As the name suggests this plugin is used to optimize your database but the question is why you need it. We all admit that we try a lot of different plugins and those who fail to satisfy our needs are cruelly deleted, ah we don’t show mercy at all. We think that when we delete a plugin all the files and data is deleted well no that’s not the case.

When a plugin is deleted there is an entry written in the database this also happens when we do some random post for test and then delete it. every thing is recorded as an entry in the database these garbage entries gets clogged and reduces the speed.

Wp database optimizer helps in cleaning these kind of entries and to make it more easy you can configure a schedule of your choice to do a regular automatic optimization of your database.

Plugin Organizer

What this plugin main motive is that you don’t uses all plugins in every post so why load every one. This plugin lets you select which plugins you want to use for a specific post and only those plugins will be loaded.

You can also change the order of plugins that loads on order of you preference. It is also helpful in two plugins who conflicts with each other you can use them in different posts without conflicting with other. This is very handy plugin when it comes to using various plugins.

WP Minify

Minify gives a big boost in making you page load time fast. What this plugin basically does is it takes your java script and CSS files compresses it with minify engine. The delivered content is consolidated to make the page load fast.

Minifiy is customizable so you can exclude certain JS and CSS which you don’t want to compress.

P3 Plugin Profiler

This is not a performance enhancer plugin rather this plugin shows you which plugin is behind your slow website. This plugin scans your installed plugins and shows you the loading time for different plugins. With the result you can filter out the plugin and make your website load fast.

Lazy Load

Images are the one which take a decent amount of time to load in a page. This plugin loads only those images which are in the view-point and those when you scroll down to the image then only it loads. This plugin does not load the content which is not being seen until you reach the point and then it load the content.

Alt: BJ lazy Load

Alt: jquery image Lazy Load

Free CDN

CDN is like serving images , java script etc from another server this helps in reducing the load from the hosting. This also helps in reducing your bandwidth usage by delivering content by CDN server. IF you are on a limited bandwidth and have to pay for more you use then this plugin can help you save some of your sweet money.

As i said images makes a huge effect on loading time, this plugin helps in reducing size of image without loosing its quality. what this does is it strips off the meta data , unused colors and optimize your image the best possible way it can.


I know every one wants to use all of these plugins. But remember that having more plugins can also reduces the speed. So try to install only those who you think is must for your website.

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Please share your experience with these or other plugins you use to optimize your WordPress website

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