Guide to selecting a perfect wordpress theme for your site

Guide to selecting a perfect wordpress theme

Guide to selecting a perfect wordpress theme

Choosing a prefect wordpress theme sometimes becomes a real pain as we see so many of them on the web. When we go one seeing more and more of them we get confused which one to choose from so many of them. There is no doubt that we want the best for our website as we want our website to be beautiful and a attracts a lot of readers.

Guide to selecting a perfect wordpress theme
Guide to selecting a perfect wordpress theme

We all admits that we love a clean and Beautiful layout for our website, we want a perfect WordPress theme for our website but that definition of perfect can vary from one website to another and even with your personal preference. There are more thing we must look into before choosing a theme for our WordPress website.

Why do we need a perfect wordpress theme

it is simple a perfect wordpress theme makes a professional approach to the viewers, visually appealing website tends to keep readers intact for more time. A perfect wordpress theme increases the speed and performance of the website. It also helps in SEO as search engines dont like slow loading website.

We must look for these features before selecting a perfect WordPress theme for our website.

 1 – Select theme according to niche.

There are more than enough great themes available on the web. Every theme is not suitable for all websites, you must find themes suitable to your niche. If you have a photography website than you should look for themes specifically made for photography niche,

Choosing a theme related to your niche is very important, your every visitor will see content based on the layout of your particular theme. No one likes to see photograph niche content say in news based theme, selecting a proper theme related to your niche is an important aspect of finding a perfect WordPress theme.

2 – Research about the themes.

Getting to know about the creators or the company who made the theme can make a difference between the selection of good and bad theme. Remember you are not the first one out there who are in search for the perfect wordpress theme, there are many others who have already tried and tested a lot of themes. These users write reviews about their experiences with the theme and if they have any issues you’ll get to know before getting that theme.

There are some big companies out there who makes some real nice themes you can check the popularity of the theme. Big names in the theme industry have a live demo option about the theme which gives you an idea about the theme you are about to get your hands on this will get you a rough idea about which themes you should go for.

3 – Paid or Free Theme.

Getting a paid or free theme does makes difference to an extent free themes are sometime bloated with links from the creator of the theme. Paid theme is specially crafted with the speed and accuracy in mind so only relevant code with more features are used.

If you are on a tight budget then free theme can be a good option and when your pocket allows you can make a shift to paid ones. There are many free themes out there you can look for, a quick way of doing this can be go into appearance themes and add new”, here you’ll find tabs like search, upload, newest, featured and recently updated. You can search for your desired free theme or check out featured themes, these featured themes are fast and preferred by  most of the people. so if you have want a free theme and found a nice layout of theme that you desire in featured than this can be a nice option.

 4 – Features available in the theme.

while choosing a theme we must be precise about what features we want in the theme. These features can be very important once you start working with the theme. You can get some of these features by getting plugins for a specific purpose but that can slow down your website dramatically so its better to look for features inbuilt in the theme. These features can be like

  • Shortcodes:- we use shortcodes to create content of some special visual appearance without having the knowledge of code. you can add tabbed buttons or link buttons, can box certain text, make columns of different size in post shortcodes does all of that very easily.
  • Menu:- A nice theme must have a support for creating different menus so that we can place the desired menu at any position of our theme.
  • Star rating:- If you have a product review blog or you want suggestions from your viewers star rating helps a lot to achieve this purpose.
  • Gallery:- If you want to display multiple photographs than having a gallery feature in the theme is always a good. you can let your viewers have a nice photo experience with a gallery feature.
  • Cart:- If you want to sell a product or your niche is e-commerce then this is a must have feature for you. This will let your viewers buy the product with the cart feature.
  • Theme options:- Theme options is a must have feature for a theme, this will help you customize your theme like choosing color of background, change layout of theme, styling and much more under one place.
  • Responsive:- We all have phones and tablets and we love to use them and often visit website from them. This is where responsiveness of theme kicks in, this makes webpage fluid to adapt to the screen resolution of the device and fits the content through out the page.

5 – Browser compatibility.

While choosing a perfect wordpress theme for your blog you must keep in mind about the browser compatibility. it can happen that you theme looks perfect in one browser and on other its a complete mess. This can be a huge disaster for your website and after getting a theme as you can’t do much about the compatibility so its better to do this before hand.

To check is you theme is compatible to many browsers go to website named browsershots and type in the demo address of the website and you’ll get the screen shots of different browsers at a glance. so if something is not right you can stop and look for another theme.

6 – Speed of the theme.

speed is one of the most important thing one should look in a perfect wordpress theme. A theme is a set of codes, these codes can make our theme slow or fast. Earlier codes of the themes were long which made the theme heavy, now theme creators are trying to use less codes for the tasks.

It is better to know about the updation of the code of the theme. Theme companies keeps on compressing the code with their new updates and making it more speedy.

7 – Support

Support is one thing you should check before buying a theme if a company fails to give proper support than you should avoid getting a theme from them and if you are getting a free theme then you can expect much. Even with free the you can check their forum about what problems people have with the particular theme and if the problem has been resolved.

For the paid theme you can talk to the company about the limitations and features of the support that you’ll get from their end. And go ahead only after you are satisfied.


Geting a perfect wordpress theme can make a big difference in making your website getting to the higher rank and more viewers , so a wisely chosen will always be a gem for you wordpress blog.

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