How to write great blog posts

When ever we write a post about any topic of our choice we want it to be popular and to rank higher in search engine. This is not rocket science that is so difficult to achieve rather its quite simple to write great blog posts. As per today every one wants to rank high in the most used search engine that is Google. Those days are long gone when anyone could write any thing and get ranked by Google, today search engines algorithm has changed a lot, now you have to write great quality content in order to get good ranking and readers.

Writing great content is a way to get good amount of traffic for your blog post.

How to write great blog posts

 How to write great blog posts is what every blogger has searched once in their blogging journey

Following tips will guide you to write content which will help you keep up the ranking and get the traffic for your site. These are the points I’ve learned from writing posts on my other blogs.

Select a topic

This is the first thing you want to do. Topic can be any thing which you find interesting, it can be any thing from “how to tie a tie” to “where to visit this summer“. The thing is that you should be sure about the what exactly you have in mind that you want to write about. After getting clear idea you should

  • Research about what you want to write.
  • Select an appropriate title.
  • Chose the points you will write in the article.

research helps to get more information about the topic and thing related to it. It is a nice practice to write down your points and notes before you jump into writing a great blog post, it’ll keep you from skipping any point that you may forget if you try to memorize all the info.

Make a layout of the article

Every one loves well-organized room or neat office so why not the blog post. To write a great blog post that can rise up in ranking you should make your post organized. By organized i don’t mean  you make points of every thing, what you really have to do is make you post fluid like one point should have relation about the previous and the next point you want to specify, don’t go on writing points randomly. Like a ladder you can’t start with fifth step and then come back to second and then eighth, same is the case with post you have to make a proper layout of a post which you want to follow.

  • Which steps to come first and which to come second.
  • Organize the post and make it neat.

Concentrate more about human user than search engine

When we write a post we write them for humans not some robots. I know you must be thinking about the search engines, well most popular and important search engine Google have changed their algorithm to a great extent. Now you can’t write low quality content and hope to rank high because of keywords. Always remember that algorithm changes but the quality content always attracts more traffic after all search engines also wants to deliver best content to their users.

  • Write for humans not for bots.
  • Write quality content.

Don’t write incomplete article

There is nothing worst than an incomplete content, this can have a huge negative impact on your traffic. No one likes an incomplete information if you think that you don’t know all about the topic then do some research. Writing incomplete or wrong information can make your readers not to trust you and they will leave you blog and will not return. Remember all the factors for making a blog successful depends upon the readers traffic.

  • Write complete content.
  • Don’t write incomplete or wrong information.
  • Research on the topic to make it complete.

Stick to the topic

How about you go to learn about painting and you also get a class about literature you’ll not be so happy right. Same goes with a blog post no one wants to read about the stuff they don’t want to know. Cover all the necessary points related to the topic this will make you readers be more satisfied. Don’t write points just for the sake of it try to explain it so that it can get the readers clear about the article.

  • Write about the topic only.
  • Explain points concerned to the topic.

Be original don’t copy

Make blog post with original content, don’t try to copy someone else work and put it on your blog. This will make you rank low and you can even get penalized for doing so. This means death of a blog, google will lower your rank and traffic will decrease tremendously. If you have written a post for another blog you can’t copy it to your blog as this will be considered duplicate post which is not good from google point of view.

  • Don’t copy someone else work.
  • Duplicate post is also not good.

Don’t write irrelevant stuff

Don’t babel about the stuff not related to the topic no one need it. You should be creative about your writing, everyone loves to read articles with a personal touch but this doesn’t mean you can write any thing that comes to your mind. you should write sensible and logical posts

  • Write relevant to the topic.
  • Give it a personal touch.
  • Make it logical and sensible.

Length of article

Length of an article is a thing that comes to the mind of every blog post writer. there are various views about the length of article some like to write long posts. But you should not try increase the length for the sake of making your post long you should concentrate more about quality than quantity. Try to cover the topic in detail, no topic is short if you are not getting enough length then you should research more about the topic and gather all the information and then try to write great blog posts.

  • Try to focus on the quality.
  • If post is short then research some more.

Ry-them of writing

whenever we write a post we try to write like a pro thinking about choosing specific words and make it more professional. we must admit that everyone has their own way of writing don’t try to imitate best blog sites by writing content like them. You have your own personality of writing so stick to it because you are best at that, but keep in mind not to be so blunt that you offend the readers. This Ry-them of writing is what makes traffic return to your blog for more posts.

  • Write content for your own way.
  • Don’t offend readers by being blunt writing.

These are the tips to follow while writing a blog post. If you want to add some of you own tips or you don’t agree to any point feel free to comment.

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