How to create perfect blog Planner for success

how to create a perfect blog schedule

Do you know what’s the difference between a pro blogger and a newcomer. The biggest difference is that a new one don’t have any schedule for the blog they have created. Where is the pro blogger after going through all the things they have a plan and a process designed as a schedule for the whole week.

Most of the newcomers just wake up in the morning with the thought of creating something new on the blog, without realizing that they don’t have right plan to make everything work.

So what’s the right plan?

With the right plan we mean that there is a schedule for each and every activity off the blog. All the professional bloggers who are doing this stuff for quite a time, knows that which process should be done at what time and they use a lot of different type of metrics in order to hit the right spot.

So what is this scheduling habit that the pro blogger use where as the new one lacks to use this feature and why is this so important for the success that everyone wants to achieve. so lets head on to how to create perfect blog Planner for success.

1. Pre schedule for the week

Let’s get down to the whole process of scheduling your whole week in terms of days and the priority of the task. There is no doubt that a blog needs a lot of hard work and different kind of tasks that need to be performed in order to keep the blog updated.

Like you have to filter the days for writing content, designing, maintenance as well as for social media promotion. If you pre plan your whole week before hand, then you will know that which task is most important for the day, before the day even starts.

how to create a perfect blog schedule

If you have each day dedicated for certain task then you can give your full potential without messing up your mind. Without this you won’t be able to figure out that which task is more important but you should do at the moment, when you start writing content and that time you will also think that you have to make changes in the design of the blog that will certainly affect your content writing quality.

As we have discussed earlier that people come for the quality, better the quality more time they will spend on your website. And with a pre scheduled structure you don’t having load on your mind that what time or what day you have to spend on a certain task this will help you concentrate more on the task you are doing right now rather than thinking about the other things that need to be taken care of because you have already given a specific time slot for the every thing.

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And if you someone who like to create content regularly then you have to give the top priority to the content writing and after that you have to spend a little time for other tasks. In this time you have to mark specific times for content writing and how much as you are willing to give for the task like maintenance, Designing and social media promotion.

  • Set the priority for tasks that you have to set for each day.
  • Get the most important task of the day done at the beginning.
  • Don’t plan your week too tight, as you might have to deal with some unexpected tasks in between, just try to save some space for those unexpected guests too.

2. Get the topics for content

Each blog is divided into categories and subcategories depending upon their niche. What different days of the week you have to decide different topics, like we take Technology niche as an example you can write about mobile, home appliances, laptops, smart watches, audio devices, software, cameras, and all.

This way you have a different type of content on each day of the week. Some of the professionals even write down the title of the topic there going to make an article on, one week before.

This is a normal habit that we on our daily life find a lot an idea that we want to make an article on but the thing is we keep on forgetting it because we don’t write it down or even if we write it down still we don’t specify a specific time or date on which we are going to write an article about it. This way most of the biggest ideas that comes to your mind never gets to be written or published on the blog that you love.

In your scheduling process you just have to write the topic on which you are going to make an article on the next week planner, you can also write the points that you are going to cover on the specific topic. So that when you finally start to write the content then you know all about the points that can give your article the shape.

  • You can get the topics filtered on daily basis, this will hep your readers to know about the type of content that is going to get on a specific day.
  • This will help you do things easily, while you get new idea about new topics while working, which goes to next week planner.

3. Use analytics to find the perfect publishing time

If you don’t use analytics then you are missing big time for your blog success. You must be wondering that what analytics have to do with the scheduling process. This goes hand in hand, every blog as a certain time on which it faces the maximum amount of traffic and the topic people like to read at that certain amount of time.You just have to find out that specific time and nature of the post that people are engaging with.

Note down that specific time, try to publish the new post at that specific Times so that most of the people can read it as soon as you hit the publish button.

If you are not using analytics on your website then you should use Google Analytics which is a free tool by Google. We have a tutorial on how to add Google Analytics to your WordPress website.

  • Just take full use of Google analytics to target the audience using demographics.
  • It’s not fit for all, different niche have different peak audience time.
  • You can achieve more with analytics, like time spent on your website, bounce rate etc. Take use of other features.

4. Start next day leads today

This is not a specific rule but done by many bloggers in order to get a head start. Most of the people when start their blogging day, even after knowing the topic they have to write an article on, need to find out how they are going to make the article the way they wanted to and as the time passes the ideas start coming to the mind, as the brain starts to think more about the specific topic.

So what the regular bloggers do is, they just start the next day article before hand as they are already into the writing mode. This helps them too quickly think about the lines and the word they want to be in the article.

Even say that they already heated up by writing the earlier post and in the flow they start the next day article,as the flow continues they just give the article an outline which on the next day is easier to complete. This is just a way by which you can create content without giving your brain much of a workout.

  • Before you start new post note down all the points you like to cover.
  • when you are half way done and about to wrap up for a day, just write the subheadings of the further article, This will be a great help next day.

5. Time for social sharing some love.

There is nothing new in thing that social media as a lot of influence on our daily life. Social media marketing is a powerful tool to make that article speech lot of people in short span of time.

social media schedule

There are a lot of different social media platforms on which you can promote your website articles. You should give a dedicated time on your weekly blog planner, on which you only have to think about social media and which platforms you can use to drive more traffic to your website.

Try to use your best posts, you can find in your Analytics. Share them on all the social media platforms as it will drive more and more traffic to your blog.

Most of the new comers take social media promotion as for granted, give me know the power of social media but they don’t harness the full potential of it, where as professional bloggers know the value of social media and dedicate special time in the weekly blogging planner to drive more traffic to their website.

  • There are tons of social sharing sites out there, try to cover as many as you can.
  • Try to focus more on the ones you find driving more traffic, while not ignoring the ones that are not so good at showing you traffic love. At least you get social signals, which are good for the SEO of your website.
  • Different social sites have different peak times, you just have to target that peak times to drive most traffic.

Final words

These are the 5 tips that will help you to make a weekly blogging planner that will help you achieve success. No doubt that weekly blogging planner will schedule all the tasks in a time formatted manner, so that you can use the maximum amount of time while being more productive.

If somehow you are not able to keep up with the planner that you decided by any circumstances that occur time to time, you just have to set the priority levels for each task and if it’s not done on the previous day and you have to fulfill the most important tasks on the next subsequent day. This is the way how planning the whole week ahead work.

To achieve the bigger goals that you have set for your blog, you just have to set your weekly blogging planner schedule to achieve it.

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