Youtube camera make money

In the recent years you must have noticed that YouTube has gained a lot of popularity, everybody is watching youTube videos, it’s kind of one of the main sources of entertainment as well as for learning new things on a video format.

As we have mentioned a lot of times that YouTube is second most popular search engine that people uses to find answer to their queries.

As YouTube gained popularity, a lot of newcomers joined them, just to make videos. These creators not only just uploaded the videos, they also opened a new source of revenue that came from the content they upload to the YouTube platform.

As the viewer base grew, many advertisers all this as a potential platform to promote your product.

Due to this there turn off people who are earning from YouTube and this is their primary source of income, if you haven’t been on youTube or maybe you are and creating some awesome content getting views and still not making money then you are certainly missing a lot.

Proper Ways to make money from YouTube.

YouTube AdSense

YouTube being a Google company uses Adsense as the primary advertising agency to promote the products of advertisers on the videos that you upload. It’s really easy to use AdSense from you youTube dashboard to monetize your content, youTube videos with monitization enabled display advertisement to the viewers, from which the content creator gets paid.

Youtube camera make money

With this monitization process both the creator and the YouTube as a company earns from the advertisers, it’s basically a partnership program in which the creator and YouTube takes a part of which the advertiser pays, you can be sure that the bigger part of the money goes to the creator and the smaller one goes to the YouTube.

If you’re wondering why YouTube is taking your money, as you invested a lot of time to create a fabulous content, which is in turn able to grasp a lot of views. A simple answer to that can be youTube is investing a lot of money in this service and storage space which you are using to upload your content for free. It takes a lot of money to create that much of storage space and keep it running 24 hours a day.

  • Embed Adsense Ads on your YouTube videos for money.

So to keep the platform running in good condition YouTube takes a percentage which the advertiser pay and use it to enhance their services.

Overall youTube is a fabulous platform to earn money from Google AdSense, this is the primary source of income for every YouTube creator that upload the video.


This is the second kind of most popular way that YouTube creator earn money from. In this you don’t have to split the money that you are getting from the advertiser with anyone.

In sponsorships company directly contact the creator and tell them to promote your product on their channel and by doing that the company pays them a fixed amount of money that is agreed between both greater and the sponsor.

The amount of money you can earn from YouTube video sponsorship depend number of subscribers and views you get on your channel. Another deciding factor is the niche that you have selected for your YouTube channel, different kind of YouTube channel get different kind of sponsorships, like a tech related channel have different set of sponsors where as a kid can have a related sponsors.

  • Sponsors like to show their products to your audiance in order to make a sale.
  • Always try to work with those sponsors who you think are best suited for your channel.

Earlier it was difficult to find a sponsor for your YouTube videos but now they are lot of website like famebit on which you can find lot of sponsors at one place. There you can decide which sponsor is best suited for your channel and how much money they are going to pay you for the amount of subscriber base you have.

Getting sponsored is another way of making money from your YouTube channel. And taking sponsored products will just add to your AdSense income that you are going to earn from monetizing your videos.

Selling Affiliate Products

I don’t know about what is affiliate then you must head to our beginners guide to affiliate income. Where we have describe the whole process step by step how the affiliate income works.

Now in a nutshell an affiliate income is when you sell somebody else’s product and they give you a Commission without increasing any cost to the consumer.

To make it simple you must have seen a lot of people but showing a product and then they say that they are giving a link in the description of the video that leads to that product, let’s take Amazon for example if you places an Amazon affiliate product link in the description of your video and someone clicks the link and buys the product, then you get a certain percentage of the price of the product they buy.

  • Use big website affiliate program to sell affiliate product.
  • Never promote a product which is bad or you haven’t used, it’ll give a bad result for your YouTube reputation.

Affiliate is like selling a product on commission basis. On which when someone buys a product through you, you get a percentage as a commission of selling the product.

Selling merchandise

This is another great way to make money from you YouTube channel. You must have seen that a lot of famous YouTubers design their merchandise and sell them on the online store.

selling merchandise online

When someone gets famous and have a fan base, then there a lot of people who like to buy merchandise which is related to their youTube fame.

This is another great way by which youtuber earns money, people connected to their favourite youtuber when they have merchandise created by the youTuber they love. In addition to the other two sources this one gives another fantastic way to earn money from your YouTube channel as well as growing your fan base.

  • Sell your own merchandise, with your own brand name.
  • You just have to check the quality and timely delivery of the products.

There are many companies out there who lets you design the product and they manufacture and deliver on your behalf, be sure that you don’t have to go through all the manufacturing and distribution process. You just have to take the profit that you have earned from the designs you have created.


Overall these are the legit ways by which you can earn big bucks on YouTube. Other than this there are tons of more ways which promise to give you the ways that can make you money but sadly they fail to keep the promise.

These are the ways which big YouTubers use to get the money in their bank account. It may seam easy at first, that making money form YouTube is a piece of cake, but in reality. It;s really hard for YouTubers to upload the content on regular basis while keeping the quality top notch.

Then they have the opportunity to make money from the platform. If you are on the platform and have a decent amount of viewers then you have the opportunity to leverage these methods to bring in some greens (Money).

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