We all like to click images now and then, then how about making some extra money with the same images that you have in your camera or phone. Yeah you heard me right you can make money from the photos you clicked casually.

There are websites out there by which you can earn money by selling your photographs on them. There are a lot of publishers out there who wants to buy photographs for their websites, brochures, magazines, posters and many more things.

Before i start i must tell you that earning from photographs depends on the type of images as well as the resolution. High resolution images are preferred, If you have a DSLR camera than that will be a big plus for the images, you still can upload your phone images too.


You should always keep in mind that the images you upload are your own, means you should have the copyright of the image. Never upload an image you don’t own, this can lead to copyright infringement followed by legal issues.

Now i should start with the website that you can upload your photo to easily make money from images

There are a lot of websites out there where you can upload images and start earning money, what i don’t want is that you go around registering on these website. I’ll tell you the websites who have a huge number of people to wants to buy the images.

With these websites chances of selling your photos increase by many folds. You must keep in mind that these websites have a reputation and wants only best photos to be shown on their website so before applying on these websites you must filter your best pictures that you have to submit in order to get accepted.

So here i go with the websites which are best known for selling images.

  • Dreamstime – Dreamstime is a well-known stock image website, which are one of the top choices of publishers. With dreamstime you can earn 25 – 50% of the images that you sell, an additional 10% can be earned if you have an exclusive image. 60% can be bagged for all images if you sign-up for dreamstime exclusive photographer.
  • Alamy – This is the largest collection of stock photos, this website has a different sections for buyers and sellers. The seller of the photographs can make a profile and start uploading the photos, this website shares 60% revenue with the person selling other website with alarmy you don’t have top give them exclusive rights, you can upload the images to other websites too.
  • Fotolia – Fotolia is one of those websites which have a fair amount of market reach, with more that 4 million image buyers on their list. you get 20 to 63% from each sale if your image, each sale is immediately added to your account.
  • Shuterstock –  This is a well-known stock image website which has a nice layout which helps buyers to find the perfect image. Each sale from shutterstock that you make will let you earn from $0.25 to $28, the money you earn depends on the license of the image.
  • istockphoto – istockphoto is another option by which you can earn some sweet money, you get a 15% royalty rate from each download. You can increase the to 45% if you become an exclusive contributor.

There are more websites available if you search but there are the best among them. so if you really want to reach potential buyer then these website have an edge over others.

Which kind of images sells the most?

While all kind of images have a market, potential buyers needs different kinds of images for their publications. This comes with a bit of trial and error, you have to upload many images in order to find out that which kind of images that have best sales.

Every person is good at taking some specific type of images, after you get to know about your type then focus of that to refine it. You can also take other images too and upload them, while uploading other type of images you should not expect much of a return from it.

Images that have a plain or simple background tends to sell more, these kind of images can be Photoshop easily customized to make a poster or banner.

The images with the license of republishing sells more than others as the buyer can use image in various places without worrying about the terms.

Promote your images

This is important part that you should take care, if you want you images to sell then you should promote them too. You can promote them in various ways to make money from images.

  • If you have a website or blog then use it to promote your images, I’ve seen some making a website specially to promote their images.
  • Use the power of social networking to promote your images, create Facebook page, twitter profile, tumblr and many more.
  • Submit your failed images for free, consider them as distributing free sample to promote your image sales.

Tips to get your image sold

There are ways that can give your sales a boost, these are small things that every person who wants their images to sell should take care of.

  • Fine tune your image before uploading it, you can use image editing software to do the trick. But keep in mind not to overdo it.
  • Choose the keywords for the images carefully, this is very important. Keywords helps the person find the proper image, if place wrong keyword then your image will not be displayed to a potential buyer leaving low sale.
  • Don’t go submitting same type of images, if you have taken three shots of a flower do go on submitting all three of them. Instead you should submit the best one.
  • If you are comfortable with one stock photo company then go exclusive with them, this will earn you more royalty fee. Your image buyer will also know that they can find your images only at that particular website.

Getting perfect images

If you are not getting the perfect images, don’t feel stressed. This is an art which comes by practice, the more you practice the more you get refined. Make it a habit of taking some shots on daily basis, people who take a photograph once in a blue moon will not be able to take photograph of great quality.

If you have time and money then there is an option to learn professional photography, photos taken professionally with a pro equipment delivers an image of flawless quality.

You also have an option to learn professional photo editing like Photoshop which will take your images to a greater level. The images which are edited perfectly sells more than others.


These are the ways you can easily make money from images. The stock image website you choose depends on you but to be exclusive on one can get you more money as well as exclusivity.

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