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When ever we think about earning from our blog the first thing that comes to our mind is Google Adsense. Well there is nothing bad in this thinking Google adsense is in fact the best advertising platform in the industry. Now we see almost all the websites serving Google Adsense Adds, this is because it gives them a recurring income which comes every month. Some top websites have Google Adsense as their primary source of income.

Google Adsense is one of the primary advertising source and everyone wants to have hands on Adsense. When you apply for Google Adsense its up to them to approve you to host their adds. There are many people out there asking why their application got rejected by Google, there are few things that Google look into your website before approving your application. If you are yet to get an account you must read these conditions before applying for Google Adsense.


10 Things you must do before applying for Google Adsense

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1 Privacy policy

This is the first page you should have on your website, This is like a legal document which tells that which information is collected by your website and up to what extent that information is shared by third-party. In this page you also tell users that how the information is collected and how it is used. Like Google use a cookie that they place on the user’s system in order to serve adds based on their browsing.

If you don’t know how to make a privacy policy you can use the privacy policy generators that can be found online. Even if you don’t want to use these online generated privacy policy still you can get an idea that how to create one and what to include in it.

2 About page

The about Page is another page you should make before applying to Google Adsense, this page gives a description about what your website is about. This page also includes the topics you cover in your website, what are your goals. You can also include details about you and the authors working for your website.

An about page gives a professional experience to the users and Google like these kind of websites. So if you haven’t made one yet do this on priority basis.

3 Contact page

A contact page is a must have page before applying for Google Adsense, This page tells Google that you care about your viewers and anyone can contact you if they have any query regarding your content. A contact page not only helps with Google Adsense but this will also help you get direct advertisements. Many companies use your contact page to get in touch with you so that you can display their adds.

4 Type of content

You must check your content type before applying for Google Adsense. Google don’t like to have to have certain type of contents, these type violates their terms so if you have these type of content, then you should remove these before applying for Google Adsense account.

  • Violent content
  • Adult content
  • Offensive content
  • Racial content
  • Content related to drugs
  • Piracy
  • Content related to hacking
  • Hateful content

5 Remove previous adds

If you have adds from other source running on your website, you should remove these before applying for Google Adsense. You can use Google Adsense with other advertisement platforms too but we suggest that until your application gets approved you should consider to remove them. Even after getting approved you should not put in clusters of adds on your website. Too much of adds will make your website slow and look spammy even though you have quality content.

6 Check your content

Before applying for Google Adsense Account you should have a look at your content there are many things in your content that Google look for while crawling your website.

  • Broken links – You should look for broken links in your website before applying for google Adsense, Not only Google but everyone hates broken links. This gives a negative impact on your application so you should correct or remove these broken links. If you are on WordPress platform you can use broken links checker plugin to check any broken link on your website.
  • Copied content – Google have a no tolerance policy for copied content, they like original content and wants to be associated with only those who puts in the hardwork. If you are not sure that your content can pass the test, then you should check it with copyscape.
  • Length of post – This is important as Google hate thin content. Google says that there is no topic that is short, if your content is short that means you haven’t covered all the aspects and you should research more. According to us you should have an average 600 – 700 words in your post. It can be little less that this but it should cover all the aspects of the topic.

7 Design of Website

Design of your website also have an impact on your application, If your website looks spammy then its time to change the layout. By good design we don’t mean that you should have beautiful pictures on your website. What we mean is you should have a clean navigation in your website and all the main categories should be on the navigation bar so that they can be easily accessible, you should also add important pages such as About page, Privacy policy page, Contact page.

Websites who have a bad navigation has a very little or you can say no chance of getting approved by Google Adsense. If you don’t have these than you are not fulfilling Google webmaster terms.

8 Number of Posts

This is one of the most common question people ask before applying for Google Adsense. To be precise there is no accurate number to how many posts should be there I’ve seen some of the website which have a few posts on their blog and still gets approved by Google Adsense. I like to keep every thing safe so before applying for google Adsense you shout at-least have 60 – 70 quality posts on your blog.

9 Age of your Website

You should check the age of your website before applying for Google Adsense. Earlier Google use to approve the applications of new websites but this all changed when lot of Asian websites emerged on the internet and applied for Google Adsense account. Now your website should be at-least 6 months old in order to get your application approved.

10 Popup’s

If you have popup’s enabled on your website then you should limit them to 2 maximum before applying for Google Adsense. Even though popup is a thing that Google don’t like but this won’t stop your application from getting approved until you keep them under limit.

On the safe side you should keep away from popups till you get approved.


Tip: you should be at least 18 years old before applying for Google Adsense , the address you enter on your application should be correct because Google is going to send you mail containing your pin which you have to enter in your Google Adsense Account.

These are the things you should keep in check before applying for Google Adsense account. After completing these conditions you can get your Adsense account for sure.

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