How to use lazy load image plugin in wordpress

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Page load can be bad for SEO, Use lazy load image plugin to reduce it.

Have you ever wondered that some websites have lot of images can it be home page or a blog post. These web pages do take lot of time to load making is slower than other pages, no wonder that loading images takes more time and if you are using GIF’s than the page load time is affected even more as GIF’s are lot heavier or we can say that they are greater in size.

If you make a post about say best places to visit in the world that have 10 images, these images takes lot of time to load from top to bottom. Here comes the use of lazy load image plugin for WordPress which helps you reduce the page load time,

Lazy Load images plugin for WordPress

Lazy Load images for WordPress

First we should understand what is lazy load for images, Lazy load is a process where the area which is not visible to you is not loaded until you reach there.This means that the images which are not visible yet, that is the lower end of the post doesn’t load until you scroll down.This is very easy to achieve in WordPress by the help of lazy load image plugin.

How to use lazy load image plugin in wordpress

You have to install the plugin Lazy load, you can do it by adding new plugin from your dashbord plugin options or you can manully download and install plugin by uploading. Once you activate this plugin it’ll start working from that instant and you don’t have to do anything else. Yeah that it, its that simple to use lazy load.

Download:- Lazy Load

Lazy load  is developed by, VIP team at Automattic, the techcrunch 2011 redesign team and Jake goldman(10up LLC). it is also using jQuery.sonar script by Dave Artz (AOL).

So there are big names as well as a team of high caliber programers behind this plugin. So you don’t have to worry about the reliability of the plugin. This plugin is designed to be most simple to use with powerful feature and light coding.

Lazy load for images has a great effect on SEO, you must be knowing that Google hates slow loading pages,  means if your page load time is more you page will rank low in Google ranking. Having a fast loading page not only helps in SEO but also helps in enhancing User experience and reduces bounce rate.

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