How to add custom login URL in WordPress


Change your old login URl, Learn to add custom login URL in WordPress


It’s fairly easy to find your Login URL if you are using WordPress as your CMS. This can be troublesome if some people tries to use this page to get to your admin panel. Basically this login page is the security between people and admin panel, it’s like a door where you have to place your identity as username and key as a password, when some people try to get in by trying different keys then they have to go to this login page.

If they can’t find the login page, even when they enter the default login URL, then they will not be able go to your Admin page this will help protect your website from a lot of attacks, but you should keep in mind that this is not meant for security and professional hackers can still get to your admin area, this is strictly based on your personal preference. Many big website who have created a brand image of them use a custom login URL to get to the admin area of your website.

In this article we will show you how to add custom login URL to WordPress website.

To add custom login URL you first have to install and activate the plugin called custom login URL. This is a lightweight plugin which hardly puts any load on the servers, After activation you will be able to see some fields under Dashboard»Settings»permalinks.

Try to use the SEO friendly URL structure.

Now under the permalink structure you will be able to see son of the new fields where you can add the data about your new login URL. The section will look like the one below.


When you go to permalinks then these above fields will be displayed, here you can enter the login URL that you want, these are the slugs that you have to enter for the URLs.

You can enter the new URL for Login, Registration, lost password and logout URL, all can be changed, if you don”t like to make changes to any of then the leave it blank and that part will not get changed.

You can even set the page where you want to get redirected after a successful login.

After all the things in place you just have to hit the save button and you are done, you have successfully added custom login URL to your website.

If you want to enhance your login page features then you should check our list of login plugins for WordPress.

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