How to restrict authors in WordPress to a specific category


Learn to restrict authors to specific categories in WordPress.


If you have a blog where you have multiple authors, then you must have some that are dedicated for making posts for a specific category. Most of the websites with multiple authors will have special area assigned to them and one of these things is restricting authors to a specific category.

Why restriction of author to specific category is important?

Every blog have many categories which we call as topics that are covered under the blog. Like we have SEO, Tutorials, blogging tips, make money online, etc. Under these categories we have to make posts related to these topics, when you have multiple authors then they are mostly dedicated to a specific type of post.

This things certainly helps, we are going to tell you how. If an author is restricted to a specific category then he is creating and researching about that topic only, increasing their knowledge about the specific topic to a great extent. Due to this, the article created by these authors will be really in-depth and will hold a great value.

It’s been observed that a high quality article is shared more than an average one. When you restrict author to a specific category they work more efficiently, the reason for this that the field of work and research gets limited.

Administrators and editors will have an advantage with this, they can easily track the progress and the work done by the authors. This helps in creation of future plans, and changes to make the blog excel to new height.

Learn to restrict authors to specific category?

To start you first have to install and activate a plugin called restrict author posting. when you activate this plugin, it will add a feature of restricting author to a specific category.

Now you have to go to the users tab and click all users. Then you have to click edit next to the user which you want to restrict to specific category.


At the bottom of the user profile page you will see option to restrict author posting, here you can enter the category for which you want the restrict the author.

After this when the author will try to get to creating a new post then they will see the only category they are authorized to post on.

When you want to change category restriction or remove the restriction the you have to head back to the authors profile and change the category. If you want to remove the restriction simple select the “Select all ” and the author will again be able to access all the categories. You can even add more than one category to an author, you just simply check the categories that you want the authors to access.

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