How to add Google Analytics to Website


To know you viewers better, to know when they visit, geo location, time, you should add Google Analytics.


Learn to add Google Analytics to Website

You have to get some nice SEO tactics to get the traffic coming to your website, To do that easily some like to use SEO plugins for on page SEO. When the traffic comes to your website there are things that they would like to do and to know about it you need Analytics.

To be successful you have to know about your audience, for that you have to know various things like where they come from which pages they are visiting the most, what is the bounce rate, time spent per page and much more. For this you need Google Analytics. The best thing about Google Analytics is that it’s free, Google like you to have more audience by studying the pattern and they like to keep it free for you to grow.

How to add Google Analytics in Website

To login to Analytics account you have to get to the Google Analytics page and sign-up with your Google ID, The one you use to login to your Gmail account and other google products. Google believes in one ID for all.

If you want to use another ID then your regular one then you should sign-up for a new one, and once you signed in to your Analytics account, you should head to admin and create new property.


now you will get to a page where you have to enter the information about your website, name and URL of your website. You must specify the industry and the timezone that you like the Web Property to use. After this you just have to hit the Get tracking id button.


Hitting the Get Tracking ID Button will lad you to a page where you can get the code which you can use to get Google Analytics working for your website.


Copy the code and save it in your header or footer, so that it can run on each and every page, if you are creating an HTML website which is not running any CMS, then you have to enter this code on each and every page which you want Google Analytics to track.

For WordPress users

If you are using WordPress as your CMS then you have the option to do this easily,  you can do this by two methods.

Using Header and Footer.

Many of the new themes have a special feature of header and footer where you can add codes, if your theme have this feature then you are good to go, otherwise you have to install a plugin called insert header and footer, this will help you to add code to your WordPress header and footer area. You just have to paste the above code in there.

Using Analytics plugin

If you want to access Analytics from your Dashboard the you can use the plugin called Google analytics, this plugin is by Yoast which is a well-known name for WordPress plugins. With this plugin you just have to enter the details, which this plugin will direct you different parts.

This is an easy process and for the basic view of analytics you don;t have to go to Google’s website to view it, you can check it right from the Dashboard.


This is the step by step tutorial on how to add Google Analytics to your website and start getting data about different aspects of viewer activity.

Having Analytics running on your website can sure help you a lot is you study it correctly and target the users, this can also increase the conversion rate and know about the most active time on the website with Geo locations.

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