How to remove date from old posts or pages


In this world everyone like the things fresh, this goes for the content on your website too. But guess what, the date stamp on your post just gives it away, Just think about yourself, you would not like to access a post that was created years back. even if you have a great content that is still rocking in today’s world. We are not saying that date stamp is a bad thing but sometimes it causes harm when people don’t like to see the content just because that it’s old.

Why remove date from old posts or pages?

This is the common question as to why you should remove date from old posts or pages, the reason is quite logical. First for the organic search even the biggest search engine displays the date while showing the search result. It’s human nature that filters out the results that are older in date.

If you don’t believe us then you can simply go on YouTube and randomly search for a term then just think that you don’t want to watch the video that is 4 or 5 years old. The reason is simple, somewhere in your mind there is a feeling that tells you that the content so old is obsolete and carries no value as the things are changing day by day.

Now lets take a look at the SEO, in SEO we optimize our post to get to the search engines so that they can get organic traffic. On the same track search engines try to get the best results for their customers. Most of the time the old posts have less relevant information and thus it carries less value, this thing is evaluated by search engines too that why you see most of the results that are either new or does not have date stamp on them.

Where it is effective to remove date for old posts?

The process of removing date from old post can a blessing or a curse, it all depends on how you use it. Those posts who are the resource and don’t need to be bounded by time like you prepared a recipe of a dish and that is not going to change with time so you can remove the date stamp from these kind of posts. If your site contains post that are like news or somethings that are less needed as the time passes then removing date stamp will annoy the consumers, leading them to lose trust in your content.

This part is crucial for you to decide that whether you need your website to remove date from your website post or not. we know that everyone things that their content if evergreen and can be used any time, but you should remember that you should view for the perspective of the viewers that are consuming your content. You should absolutely make sure that you in any case should not annoy them.

How to remove date from old WordPress post or page?

Now what we want to do is to remove date from just old posts and keep it showing on the newer ones. For this first you have you install and activate a plugin called WP old post date remover. Since this plugin can make changes to how you see your post, by finding and removing the date from your post. For codes you don’t have to worry this will not make any changes to your theme code. This will just block the display of date at the final page displayed.

old post date remove

After installation you just have to go to settings and there you have to set the number of days that you like your posts to display date and after that the date will stop displaying. Like you can stop displaying ads before certain days and by this all your old posts will stop displaying date and the newer ones will still keep on displaying them.

In any case if you later want to get back all the dates on the older posts then you just have to disable the plugin or just change the days on the settings to blank again. This will get back all the dates, as this plugin does not alter the original code in the theme.


It’s not necessary that you should remove the date from your post, you can make an experiment by using analytic to find if it is working for you or not. It all depends on the niche of your website whether you should use it or not.

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