3 Best free WordPress ToDo list plugins


While blogging we need to have a ToDo list which can help us remembering the things we should do. check our list of Best free WordPress ToDo list plugins


List of top free WordPress ToDo list plugins.

Many of the professional bloggers use a To Do list to keep them organized, when people start blogging most of them face a problem that they don’t know what to do when they sit to blog about something. Why this happens is due to the fact that when you are writing an article then you are in the flow and have in mind that what you should be doing next.

When you finish the work on article or some work is left on that then after some time many of the important things that you should do slips from your mind. This is where a ToDo list comes in handy, in this kind of list you can keep all the thing that you need to do for your blog. To make it easier you can use a WordPress todo list plugin that can solve your needs. There are many ToDo list plugins so we sorted 3 Best free WordPress ToDo list plugins .

1. Cleverness To-Do List

cleverness to-do-list-wordpress-plugin

This is indeed a clever ToDo list WordPress plugin which have a ton of features which will solve all the To-Do list needs that you have. With the help of this plugin you can have a private to-do list for individual user, or you can have a master list with individual task. You can even set a ToDo list which is shared by all the users.

You can choose the items to be visible to specific users by their email, With the help of a short-code you can even set the To-Do list in the sidebar which can only be seen by the registered users. You can even set the priority and deadline for specific task.

Highlights & Features

  • Private To-Do List.
  • Share list with users.
  • Set items visible to specific users.
  • Short code feature for sidebar.


2. To Do List


As simple as the name suggest, this plugin is very simple to use with this plugin you can make ToDo lists which will be displayed on the dashboard. The logged in users will be able to see the ToDo list at their Dashboard, this will give them an idea that what should be done.

Administrators have the rights to make changes to the ToDo lists.

Highlights & Features

  • Simple to use.
  • To-Do lists displays on Dashboard.
  • Administrator can make changes to lists.
  • Uses few resources.


3. To Do List Member


This is as Todo list with custom taxonomy and post on your blog. The admin of the blog can create a list of tasks which can be set for different members working on the blog, Users can view the progress of the task and can take into notice that further what should be done to complete the task.

ToDo list or the progress bar can be inserted in any post with the help of a short code.

Highlights & Features

  • Admin can control the list.
  • All users can see the tasks.
  • Progress bar for task completion knowledge.
  • Short-code feature.



This is the list of best free WordPress ToDo list plugins, all these plugins are different in nature and functionality so choose the one best suited for you. We made the list depending on the plugin having most features with the use of few resources as it can.

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