3 best free wishlist plugins for WordPress

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List of top free Wishlist plugins for WordPress

Have you ever added some products to your wishlist while shopping, yes we all do that, this helps use to shortlist the product which we intent to buy later. Wishlist also keeps on reminding the customers that they have to buy these things. in addition to just adding this feature you will also give your website a professional feel.

There are many plugins that can give your WordPress website this feature. To make it easy for you we have created a list of best free wishlist plugins for WordPress.

Most recommended WordPress wishlist plugins

1) YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

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Most of the people using WordPress to sell their products uses WooCommerce products. Having wishlist for WooCommerce is given by YITH. This plugin gives a great option to give customers an option to add products to wishlist which they can view anytime.

Features & Highlights

  • Designed for WooCommerce websites.
  • light weight plugin.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Can Add and Remove products.


2) My wish list


With this plugin viewer can save the pages in their wishlist so that when ever they want to see them again, they can get them at an instant. This is an easy to use plugin which can make the things more easy with the shortcode feature which you can use to display your wishlist on any page.

Highlights & Features

  • Easy to use
  • Shortcode feature
  • Can display wishlist anywhere
  • Very less page load.


3) Wishlist for WooComerce


If you have WooCommerce on your WordPress website then you just have to give customers an option for wishlist. This plugin is specially designed for people who use WoooCommerce to sell products on their website. This is one of the another great option if you don;t like to go with YITH one.

In this customers can share their wishlist on their social media which can get you even more customers. Wishlist can be added to any page with the help of shortcode.

Highlights & Features

  • Social media sharing.
  • Add to cart for wishlist
  • Shortcode freature.
  • Displays date when the item was added in wishlist.



These are the top free wishlist plugins for WordPress, you can use them to enhance your customer experience. These plugins can make the things more easy and useful for customers buying the things from you. We prefer the first one due to popularity of that is too high but you can check the other two to find out the best one suited for your website.

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