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When we hear about the word Guest post most of the people think that this is troublesome and can lead to a lot of spam. Wee this can be true for some people but for those who know the power of guest posts they simple love it. Gust post gives the versatile factor in writing and content. Each one have different style and knowledge about writing so when a guest author posts a piece of content on your blog or magazine then they are simple adding a lot of useful content with lot of value to it.

Apart from value you can simple think that you are getting an experienced author writing a great article for your blog just for free. This can be a real deal, even viewers like to see content from different authors to get more information and different writing style.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for admins and authors to place a guest post on their blog, this happens simply because the website/blog don’t have a proper way of accepting a guest post. Mostly people like to accept it through mail. but this will not be creative in many ways. If you are serious about accepting guest posts then you should consider using a guest post plugin for WordPress.

Most popular WordPress Guest post plugins.

1) AccessPress Anonymous Post


One of the popular plugin which can make accepting guest posts a delight. You can accept the guest posts from both logged in and not logged in users. And when some one guest posts the admin gets an email, and the admin and the moderators can review the post and approve it if it’s a nice fit for the blog.

Feature & highlights

  • guest post while logged in or logged out.
  • Email to admin.
  • Category selection.
  • Simple to use.


2) TT guest post Submit


TT Guest post plugin gives you the option to submit the post with the featured image, this features packed plugin lets you choose the minimum number of characters to submit a post, you can even set the maximum upload file size to reduce page load, also positively impacting SEO.

Features & Highlights

  • Set minimum character length.
  • Maximum upload size for images,
  • Captcha enabled.
  • Ability to select more than one character.


3) Really simple Guest post plugin.


As the name of the plugin suggests this plugin is for those who like to keep the things as simple as they can. This plugin will add a form where guest post can be dropped. the guest post will be saved in the database of your WordPress website and will be displayed to the admin when they login as pending post, with  Title, Description, Category and Tags.

Features & Highlights

  • Simple to use.
  • Adds a form to submit guest post.
  • Stores in WordPress database.
  • Displayed to admin on login.



This is our list of best free Guest post plugins for WordPress, guest post is a powerful way to get most benefits for both parties, these plugins will help you to accept the guest posts the most easy ways. You can choose the one best suited according to your needs.

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