How to make money from twitter


If you haven’t thought about making money from twitter yet then you should now,


Learn to make money from twitter easily

how-to-make-money-from-twitterUsing twitter is not something to users but a few know that many people earns money from it.

Yes you heard it right.

There are people out there who are earning a load from just tweeting, twitter is one of the most popular social media websites with millions of people on it. This not unusual for some to have million of followers, which can also get them to make some extra bucks while spending time online.

We will show the ways on how to make money from twitter, this is fairly easy to do and almost anyone can do it. For those who don’t know how to make money from twitter, this tutorial can be really helpful.

Promote your product

Twitter being a free platform helps people to connect, this feature is used by companies to advertise their products, this is one of the most efficient way to reach a wide range of public. This part is used by many to promote their products and services that can be helpful for people and get them a few sales.

If you have a product or service then you can also use twitter to make few sales, if you have a website for the product where people can come and buy a service. It’s better to have different pages for different products, and tweet the link to the public. By this link they can get more information about the product and buy it directly from your website.

Affiliate products

Affiliate marketingEven if you don’t have any of your own product to sell, still you can make money by making a sale. This system is called affiliate program, this will help you to make sales of the products that are owned by different companies. With affiliate products you will be paid commission of each sale.

If you have many followers, and you think that a certain product can be helpful for them, then you can tweet about a product and earn commission with it. This system is followed by many people having lot of followers, they tweet about product with the affiliate link. There are many people who like to buy products if they find it useful.

Sponsored post

If you have a big list of followers then you can have the things your way, you can reach companies to advertise their products in your tweets. Some times companies will reach you if you have many followers, so that you can tweet about their product and you will get money for this.

You will see many people with tons of followers tweeting posts about the products, they do this by sharing an experience with the product. Many celebrities also do this to promote sponsored product, this helps companies to reach many people as well as use the popularity of celebrity to get that brand image for their products.

Use YouTube videos

make-money-from-youtubeThis is something that vlogers do, they produce videos for their channel on YouTube. After publishing they like to promote the videos on the twitter, these videos are monetized, means more people watch the video more will be the earnings. So when you promote your videos you generate more views which is proportional to the money you make.


These are the ways by which you can make money from twitter, these things are so powerful that you can earn more money from your tweets then running a website with advertisements. It all depends on the amount of followers you have and how well you use these tips to make money from twitter.

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