7 strong reasons why your blog is not making money


Are you still not making money form your blog. There are 7 reasons why your blog is not making money that it should have, Get these things fixed at one and start earning form your blog.


It’s common for people to blame SEO when their blog is not able to make money. In blogging industry it is very easy to blame SEO for everything, even though SEO is responsible to drive traffic to your blog but taking it completely responsible for the reason that why your blog is not making money.

It feels good to see that your blog is having traffic, that email list is enchanting, likes, comments, shares boost the morale of a blogger to create more content. Even though these things are important but what keeps a blogger keep creating content is the amount of money they generate from the blog.

If you’re one of those bloggers who are not making money then here is why.

1. Cheap design

Let’s accept it. Even though you think that your blog design is perfect because you work on it on daily basis. But it’s not good enough for the people visiting your blog.

In today’s world presentation is what matters a lot, a good content is presented in a lousy way will not get the results that the content deserve.

Believe me invest in a good blog design.

If you have the skills then you can create your own template, or you can purchase them. There are tons of templates which can help you present your content the it should.

A nice design will let your readers spend more time on your blog resulting in the building of trust, more the user spend the time more is the chances that they will buy an affiliate product or click on an advertisement, resulting in you earning more money.

2. It’s you

why your blog is not making moneyEveryone likes to earn money from their blog but the reason behind the fact that you are not making money is you.

You are not serious.

Yeah you are not so serious about earning money from your blog. You know the ways how to make money online but you don’t implement it so seriously.

There no such thing is easy money, in fact blogging is one of the hardest career in which you have to work continuously. If you want to earn from your blog then you should also put a great focus on the ways your blog can make money.

Putting in a serious effort will make your blog an earning machine. Make your mind-set that earning money is an important aspect of blogging like SEO, so you should focus on making money from your blog like other factors.

3. You do not update

This is one of the biggest culprit that hinders the way of making your blog earning money. This primarily have a great effect if you promote affiliate products.

The world is changing everyday so are the needs for people, if you are promoting products then you must know that you should keep your product information up to date too. If your info is old then the people will lose trust in you, this will result in decreased sales.

In this changing world If there is a new product in market that can perform better than previous one then you should change the product so that you loyal audience will know that you are working hard to get them the beat out there.

This trust factor is very important for people to make a purchase of the product that you endorse.

If you have not yet updated your product list that you promote, then you should start getting it up to date at once.

4. Not right advertising

There are different types of advertising agencies that you can choose, most of us like to go for Google Adsense which is not bad.

Google Adsense is the biggest among all that will let you have ads on your blog. That is why they have strict guidelines too. If you want to apply for Google Adsense account then you should read the what to do before applying for Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is good for most of your needs.

What we mean by not right advertising is the right advertiser with the right placement. The placement of ads hold the key to make money from your blog.

You can try different settings to check which area yields the best results, mostly ads placed above the fold gives a better result than the ads below the fold.

While placing the ads you should know that how many ads are best suited for your blog. Too many ads will hamper your SEO as well as offend viewers.

Google have a maximum limit of ads that you can place on a webpage.

5. Stop Finding cheap Solutions

money why your blog is not making moneyYou always try to save money or reduce the cost of running your website, even though this is a good habit but some times finding cheap solutions are the one who comes between you and the money you can make from your blog.

There are many bloggers who get lured into some cheap SEO offer who claims to make their website dominate the search engines with some secret formula that they have discovered. This usually shows some initial results and after some time the blog gets penalized due to violation of Google terms.

Some times there are few options available for free that you can use, like a free theme or a plugin which can save you some money.

when it comes to hosting many people like to go for the one who is more cheap than others, rather than finding cheap hosting you should focus on uptime and speed of the servers. This have a direct effect of SEO resulting in better or lousy ranking.

Always remember that success don’t come cheap, if you like to earn money from your blog then you should stop finding cheap solutions and focus on getting the things that is best suited for your blog.

6. You Fail to convert

The conversion is something where you have a lot of traffic coming to your website but they don’t be there for long or leave without purchasing or clicking on ad.

Your blog can drive traffic from the SEO of your blog but due to confusing design pattern the users gets confused and leave the blog without converting.

Low conversion means less money from your blog. People have high tendency to leave the website which is confusing or filled up lot of different content in a small space.

Try to keep it simple for everyone.

The simpler is to use the blog the more will be the conversion.

7. No lead for users

You don’t present the lead to the users, as they have finished an article you should present them something useful that they can go to.

For example when you watch a YouTube video, after the video ends you will see multiple suggestions of videos appearing on the screen.

This is the lead which increases the user engagement. When you provide a lead and the viewers find it useful then they will go to that article. More articles the your audience view more the are the chance is that you can earn money from the audience.

You should invest some time and try to find the correct way of providing a lead to your audience which will help you convert.


These are the main reasons which are not letting you make money from your blog. You can certainly make changes to make your blog generate money on regular basis.

Try to find the problem you have with your blog, get it fixed as soon as possible. Blogging is certainly one of the best ways to make money online all you have to do is take it seriously.

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