5 Best free WordPress Avatar plugins


If you are sick of those old avatar or simply want to increase avatar functionality on your blog.Then check the list of 5 Best free WordPress Avatar plugins


While Cruising the world of blogging to have your name recognized by viewers are important. What’s more important is having a unique avatar for your name, If you are using WordPress then you can make a Gravatar profile and link it with your User profile of the blog. This will make your Gravatar avatar to display at your author bio box.

If you don’t want to go to Gravatar or simply want to have an enhanced avatar functionality then you should opt for an avatar plugin for WordPress. There are many WordPress avatar plugins out there, we picked the few best WordPress Avatar plugins from them based on features and performance.

1. WP User Avatar


This is one of the most popular and efficient way of having an Avatar display the way you want. The flexibility of the plugin is the thing that make it stand out from others, You can use a local avatar, or Gravatar. You can set your own custom avatar for the one who don’t have an avatar. You have the liberty to disable Gravatar of you like to use your local avatar for users.

You can allow users and  subscribers to upload their own avatar. Features are not dependent on the theme.

Highlights & features

  • Local Avatars.
  • Can use Gravatar.
  • Option to disable Gravtar.
  • Short-code for avatars.


2. Simple Local Avatar


Simple Local avatar is a simple and lightweight WordPress avatar plugin which does the work it is intended to do. It will help you to display the avatar that is stored locally on your blog. Simple native interface will help you to easily make the changes you want for your blog.

Rating for avatar is also there like Gravatar. You can set the privilege that whether subscriber and contributor can set their own avatar.

Highlights & Features

  • Simple interface.
  • Full Gravatar support.
  • Can set privilege.
  • Ratings for local avatar.


3. Author Avatar List


Author Avatar list is a gem for the blogs having multiple users. This WordPress avatar plugin will allow you to insert the avatar for the single user by user or email address. This plugin has inbuilt tinymce editor which will help you to insert avatar using a short code. you can place the list of author avatars on sidebar using a widget or in a post by using a short code.

You can adjust the size of the avatar depending on the most suitable one depending on the blog design.

Highlights & Features

  • Use of short code
  • Widget for sidebar.
  • Adjustable avatar size.
  • Perfect for Multiple user.


4. Add Local Avatar


With Add local avatar you can simply add avatar that is stored locally on your media folder. Now with this plugin  you can let the user set their own avatar just for your blog with this a sense of personal touch can be achieved. You can use the twitter avatar too.

This plugin uses preference as first it will look for local id for a user than if no local avatar is found then twitter avatar with the ID given by user, and if twitter ID is not there or returns error then the plugin will display a global avatar which is Gravatar.

Highlights & Features

  • Simple to use.
  • Local avatar in media folder.
  • Preference for ID.
  • Twitter avatar display option.


5. WP Social Avatar


Now a days almost every one who on the internet is using social networking sites, they have their profile images there. This plugin allows you to use avatar from Facebook or Google plus profile which will give you relief from using that traditional Gravatar.

With this when you change the profile picture on your social networking site then the avatar on your blog gets changed automatically.

Highlights & Features

  • Social profile pictures as avatar.
  • Automatic changing of avatar.
  • Admin can set Minimum role requirement for feature.
  • Can use Facebook and Google Plus profile as avatar.



These are the 5 most popular list of WordPress avatar plugins. The list is sorted by taking features and speed into consideration, if you like to suggest a plugin which should be on our list then feel free to use the comment section bellow we would like to hear from you.

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