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Best free Page builder plugins for WordPress

Every blogger now and then goes through their blog design to make it more beautiful. There are times when you need to build a main page or a page to look and work on a certain way that you like it to. If you are one of those bloggers who like to have a custom looking page but want to skip all the coding stuff then you should consider using a page builder plugin.

A page builder plugin will help you to create a custom page according to your need. If your theme don’t give you option to build a page, then you have options to have a page builder plugin. There are various plugins out there, we sorted a a few best among them so here is our list of best free WordPress page builder plugins.

1. Page Builder by SiteOrigin


This is a popular solution for a free WordPress page builder plugin. The responsiveness feature of this plugin will help you create pages which are fit for every screen type, be it mobile or desktop. You don’t have to worry about the compatibility with your theme, it is compatible will all the themes.

If coding is not your cup of tea then this plugin will have a drag and drop feature to make your work a delight. Get the features you want from the list which you choose to create a page the way you want.

Highlights & Features

  • Responsive with drag and drop feature
  • Fit for all type of screens
  • Theme compatibility
  • No Coding required.


2. Aqua Page Builder


Aqua page builder is a plugin which comes with a drag and drop feature with you can create the page the way you like. Compatibility with WordPress import and export will help you to import or export the page style with ease. You can create unlimited page templates which you can reuse.

This is a developer friendly plugin with a lot of features and actions which help developers to create the pages exactly the way they like.

Highlights & Features

  • Developer friendly
  • Drag and drop feature.
  • Can import and export.
  • Unlimited reusable templates.


3. Beaver Builder


Beaver builder can be used with any theme, so you don’t have to worry about the compatibility. The front end drag and drop feature will allow you to see the page building the way you like with images and text exactly as you will see it on the finished page.

Due to its responsiveness the pages created by beaver builder can be viewed on any device.

Highlights & Features

  • Front end builder
  • Drag and drop feature.
  • Responsiveness of pages.
  • Compatible with all themes.


4. WR Page Builder


With WR page builder you have the drag and drop option to create pages. This plugin is specially designed for creating pages for online shopping websites. With the help of visual drag and drop you can see the page building as you create it.

This is a fully responsive plugin which comes with features like widget support, built-in short codes, full-page elements. You can create any number of styles with this plugin without having any knowledge of coding.

Highlights & Features

  • Page builder plugin for e-commerce.
  • Visual Drag and drop.
  • Fully responsive.
  • No Codding required.


5. Page Layout Builder


Page layout builder by MiniMax use drag and drop feature to create the page with this plugin you don’t have to learn any HTML or any type of coding to create a custom page. This plugin comes with various features like drop down menu, image sliders, progress bar, timeline, message box, warning box, and many more features by which you can create a page any way you like.

Theme compatibility  enables this plugin to be used with any theme, you can create any number of templates, there is also an option to import and export.

Highlights & Features

  • Multiple features for building page.
  • Coding free.
  • Drag and drop ability.
  • Import export.



This is our list of best free WordPress page builder plugin with drag and drop features which will take care of all the needs for building a custom page. If you know any plugin which should be on our list then feel free to tell us using the comment section, we would also like to here the think about the list.

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