Ultimate Guide to stop blog scraping in wordpress

ultimate guide to stop blog scraping wordpress

Blog scraping is what scares most of us as we don’t want our hardwork to be copied to other blogs. There are a lot of people out there who love to write and share information with the world, this hard work get recognition too as lot of guys who put quality blog post on the web are well-known and audience loves them for their work. Everyone who loves to create blog posts in which he puts in lots of effort to cover all the aspects in details simply hates that content being copied by some guy to his own website as his own work.

Everyone who creates original content must have come across blog scraping in their blogging journey. This mainly done by automated scripts which scraps the content of your website to their own but some does that manually too. There are many new bloggers who invests a lot of time in creating blog posts and excels in the search engine, they don’t even know that their content is being scrapped.

ultimate guide to stop blog scraping wordpress

How does content scrapping works

The automated scrapping is done by scripts which takes content from your RSS feed and copies the content to their own website as if this is their content. Where as in manual scrapping a person from scrapping website visits your blog post and physically copied the content and post it to their own website, another way is that the owner of such website pays someone to scrap content, these guys visits a lot of websites having original content and scrap these content to the scrapping website.

These blog scrapping is always been a nuisance for the original content creators. Even though this is nuisance but still there are ways to stop this and use these to your own benefit.

How to know that your content is being scraped

To stop blog scrapping you must first know about whether your content is scrapped or not. There are a shear amount of ways to know that some one is stealing you content.

Copyscape: You can check your content with copyscape, which is a free website that checks the copy of your content on the internet. You just have to enter the URL of the post and copyscape will do all the work. After this copyscape will show you the results where they found your content. Copyscape will show you some results in their free mode if you want the whole list then you can go for premium service.

Google: Remember Google is your friend, they can help you find whether you content is being scraped. You have to enter the title of your post in the search bar and let google get the results, now if some one has your content then Google will also show that with your post. This will show you that where your content is being copied.

Webmaster tools: If you have enabled google webmaster tools for you website then you can also get to know that which websites are linking to your content. when you log into your webmaster account then select your website. Then in search traffic you’ll find a tab as Links to your site. This will show you all the websites linking to your website, you can catch a scraper by making out that a scraping website will link to most of the pages of your website, by this method you can pin point the one scraping your content. To verify that you can visit the website and see if you content is there or not.


Why do they do blog scraping

Well its easy to steal than create a content. You must be knowing that how much time and energy it takes to create a in-depth post, while creating a post you have to do research and compile all the aspects related to the topic. Even if you put together your experience and put it in the post just think about the time you invested to gain such experience. Just think that to get all this work in just couple of minutes and show that it is your content. There are more benefits that comes with it are:

Advertisements: This is one of the primary reasons why these guys do scrapping, they like to steal your content to  build audience and show them that you have a lot of content running on your website and then they put advertisements on their website to earn some money for stolen content. But these guys won’t get approval from adsense, Google is with us and don’t like scraped content.

Affiliate: These website which does blog scraping also does this to earn some affiliate sales. these scraping website looks for the content related to a product and if you have an in-depth article that covers the product in detail then they scrap your content to their website to make a sale to their visitor and earning affiliate commission for the sale make from the content you created.

Show off: I’ve seen people do blog scraping just to build some hype in their circle. They like to get recognized in their social circle and don’t have the knowledge and guts to create a content using their own brain. These are the guys which does the damage without much of the concern.

How to stop blog scraping

In this section of guide to stop blog scraping we will focus on the ways by which you can stop blog scraping and use them to you own benefit.

Inter linking: In interlinking you place internal links in your post, this means while creating a post you should insert links directed towards a page you your own website. By this way when anyone will scrap your content you internal links will also gets scraped. This will help you in two ways Firstly the audience will know that content have your links for reference and you will get do follow backlinks for the internal links that is good for SEO of your blog.

Trackbacks: This is a methord that wordpress uses to tell the website that their page is linked by another website and when this happen you get a message in your comment section and if you have akismet enabled in your WordPress blog then you will get tis message in spam folder. To make this possible you must have internal links in your blog posts.

Who is lookup: After you know that a specific website have your content, then you should do a who.is lookup and find out about the details of the person who owns the website and contact them to get your content removed or tell them that legal action can be taken. If the information about the owner is private still you get to know about the hosting provider and the domain registrar. You can contact them and tell them that this website have scraped content from your website and you want it to be removed, they will look into the matter and get the website removed.

DCMA: This is a protection and takedown service who looks for scraped and pirated content. If you get know that a website has your content the you can head to DMCA website and they have a takedown service. they can remove the scraped content for you. They even have a DMCA plugin for WordPress which will give your website a seal that the content is protected by DMCA. This will protect you from blog scraping.


These are the ways by which you can stop blog scraping and even if some one does scrap your content you will know it and you can use it for your advantage to increase you ranking in search engines. This is our ultimate guide to stop blog scraping in WordPress, if have any thing that can be added to the list, let us know in the comment section below.

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