Is that niche too saturated for me?


Now a days,most people ask is that niche too saturated for me.Get the answer to all this in simple way.

Saturated Niche

Niche saturation is getting more and more common now a days, most of the profitable niche are overwhelmed with website popping one after another. But question is still there, is the niche that i want to go with  too saturated.

Most of us when we think of a niche there are a few that comes in our mind one of the popular one is tech, many of the new websites are developed by new one’s in the block with the niche tech in mind.

Why is that ever second guy likes to try their hands on tech website.

The simple answer is their interest, most new websites are started by teenagers and your people trying their hands on the web world, and guess what tech is the thing that have their eyes on. It’s a matter of enthusiasm, youngsters are more into technology and like to learn and share their knowledge about the changes in technology.

Question is still there as why should they try to build a website with so much competition and niche being so saturated.

Selecting a saturated Niche

If you think about why new websites on popular yet saturated niche are being made, for most it must be a bad idea.

And yes it is too. But only for those who do not have enough passion for the thing to get to a point where they want it to reach. Even if the niche is saturated still there is way for more to fit in.

What is saturation?

This the question that you have to get an answer to before starting a website. A saturation niche world is that there are people on the web and there is content and when there are more content on available than people can consume. In our case the content is coming from websites and there is set number of websites that are getting most of traffic.

Saturated Niche

Think that some of the top websites are getting most of the traffic why they are the ones who are causing saturation effect. This is one of the major reason that new websites have little to no chance of survival in a saturated niche environment.

You don’t have to get demoralized yet, even in a saturated niche environment there is still room for new things to make their place. Lets take an example earlier in days yahoo answers were very popular and no one dare to stand against them. most of the website who tried to stand against it failed, that to miserably. At that time one website named Quora came, they tried hard to add value to their website and with the passion to do things, they finally made it work and surpassed Yahoo Answers.

It all depends on your passion and the way you implement your strategy.

Website development in the saturated niche.

Reason why most of the people fail in a saturate or you can say over saturated niche is the lack of passion, while being not serious at their work.

You must understand that you are up against the websites who have been there for much more time then you do. They have developed a huge content base, more authority as well as trust.

If you are all set to go in the land of saturated niche then you must have a strategy. Why should people come to you if you are giving the consumers the same thing that other big websites are delivering, Plus they have an edge of having consumers trust on their side.

In a saturated niche market you have to develop you website with a lot of care and just think that how you can add value to the content for your consumers. Try to give them something that other are lacking. In our world things changes rapidly and to keep up with it is the key on how to enter this world.

Growing in tough world.

growth-graph-nicheThere is no doubt that in saturated niche there are more than enough websites, but what you should keep in mind as to why the niche is so saturated. the reason is consumers, there are more people searching for the content on a specific niche.

Growth in a trough market is also tough, but the rewards are also great. If you keep on building content which adds value to your website, people will love to come to you. With the constant change in the world you will soon have content that are matching or even exceeding the value the popular ones are providing.

Trust is another great thing that comes with time, most of the new ones leave before building any trust. This is something that comes with time, growing is a continuous process in which you have to work continuously and with time and resources you soon get better and better.

In the growth phase you have to grow in every part, You have to invest more resources, grow your team, work with more people, and finally think about what you have to do to grow even more.

Keep a check on Progress

Development and growth is important but what is more important is you have to keep a check on your progress. If you fail on that then sooner or later you are going to fall.

You should keep a target on how you think the progress should be after a year and you should keep a check on it from time to tome to know that you are heading in the right direction.

Changing environment

environmentMany big guns went down the drain just for a simple thing that they were not able to keep with the changing environment. When some one become big they are more prone to letting the small things slip by. These small things sometimes cause a major change in the society.

These changes lead to many new ones getting the chance they need to make a spot in the over saturated niche.For the new ones change in environment is a blessing, where as the big ones have to keep up with adopting the change while keeping the old things in place.


It’s not impossible to make your place in the world of over saturated niche but you have to keep in mind that you have to work more on your website than you should have in the non competitive niche. The rewards will take more time to reach you that in normal case. Still you can be sure that when rewards of a website in an over saturated niche starts to come they are more than you have expected.

If you are ready for making your way to the world of competition then we wish a very good luck to you. For developing a website the right way please do check our other resources like tutorials.

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