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As i say every time when most of the people starts a blog they like to make money out of it. This is one of the most common problem which new bloggers face is that which niche they should choose in order to make money from it. Its only natural that we get inspired by lot of bloggers who are making lot of money from their blog.

Most of the new bloggers like to start a blog about the topics which could yield them a ton of money. If you are one of those then you can surely get benefit from this post.

Choosing a niche is important

There are many new bloggers who starts a blog without choosing a niche.

There are bloggers who have knowledge about various topics, these guys stats a blog writing about different things without any focus on a single subject.

This can be good for some people who can create lot of content, where this kind of practice lacks is that you try to create content on every thing you like, which means very less content on a specific topic.


When the audience comes to read an article they like more content related to the topic, if you have very less related content then rather than reading content of other topic they choose to leave the blog.

Choosing a niche helps you remain focused on a main topic and a few related to it.

Niche market is saturated

choose-a-niche-marketI hear this a lot, when bloggers likes to start new blog they think that all the popular niche is already saturated.

Most of the common niche which interest the new bloggers like tech, health etc are over saturated so how can they make their place.

The simple answer to this is if you want to make way in this saturated market then you should stick to the niche. it may be hard to make way but you sure will succeed.

Why i’m saying this because most of these bloggers stop updating there blogs after a while, this happens due to over saturation of niche, more the niche is saturated more it is difficult to succeed.

When most of the new bloggers don’t see any result in a short span of time, they stop updating it. This is the reason why there are so many blogs on popular niches.

If you want to make a successful blog on a niche, then you should keep on content being published consistently.

Try a New Niche

If you think that most of the popular niche is saturated then why don’t you try to find a new niche, this world is constantly changing, new things keeps on emerging. Try to find a new topic to make a blog on.

If you start blogging about something new then there will be not much competition on that niche. So by the time more people will start blogging about that niche, your blog will already be established.

Its going to be difficult

  1. You don’t know how successful this new niche is going to be.
  2. Finding a new niche is extremely difficult.
  3. Getting Latest information about the niche is difficult.

You must keep the risk in mind before choosing a new niche, it can be a flop or a huge hit that can earn you a pile of money online.

If you look at the history you will notice that there are few people who started something new which no one wanted to do, these people had faith and dedication about the thing they were doing and now these people are on the whole another level making millions.

If you choose to start a niche which no one or a very few have started then you must have faith and dedication about it. Dedication and consistency is the key to success.

Niche specially for you

I have a broader view, I can write about anything.

I’ve heard this so many times.choosing-a-niche-micro

To select a niche that suits your style, make a list of blogs and articles you like. Everyone has a some type articles which they like, it can be tech, beauty, health, entertainment and it can be anything. Just make a list of all the articles you like without thinking about any specific topic, you can even check the bookmarks or list of videos you watched on YouTube.

After you made the list you can filter it biased on topic, you will notice that you like to read or watch a specific type of content more than others.

This is your niche, due to your interest in this specific type of content you will always be interested in the content creation. your research will not make you sleepy, it will be fun on making this kind of stuff.

If you are having trouble selecting a niche, which many of the new bloggers have as they like content of different topic and choose a  different niche.

Like in my niche many new bloggers get interested in WordPress and after a couple of months after starting a blog they start loosing interest in it, which results in blogs not getting updated. This leads to the death of a blog, if you are having trouble choosing a niche then you can ask a friend or a relative to help you out.

Go for Micro Niche

While choosing a niche you can consider a micro niche.

Micro niche can be a turning point for a blogger in this world of saturated niches.

What is a micro Niche

Micro niche is the new way of blogging in this saturated niche world. To make it simple for you i’ll give you an example, lets take beauty as a niche, it is a very vast topic which covers tons of things and to write about all the thing related to beauty can be a hassle as well as time consuming, to achieve a goal on this niche can be a tough job.

On the other hand if you try to select a more selective topic like eye makeup then all the focus is limited to it, you can created content related to eye makeup, when a person visits you blog then she will find all the stuff related to eye makeup.

Rather than choosing a bigger niche go for a micro niche and then keep your focus on that topic alone. This will make your audience comeback to view ore of your content.

Keyword importance

keywords can be quite helpful while you select your niche.

Having a niche keyword in your domain name can have an edge when it comes to SEO. You must have seen that may websites have some specific keyword in their domain name, this not only helps in SEO but the viewer also gets an idea that on what topic this website is based on.

Even though now a days keyword in your domain name is is not so important as it use to be but it still have some importance.

Keyword in your domain name is important but if you don’t like that or want to use another name then it is totally fine. You can take Alexa or Google for example, with time your domain name will build authority and brand.

To choose a keyword you can use Google trends,


Choosing the right niche can be a deciding factor whether your blog will make money or not. With these tips you can choose the right niche for you, a niche will drive traffic of a special kind of people who are interest in your content, this will increase your conversion rate resulting in more income coming your way.

What are the thing you consider while choosing a niche, you can share your views in the comment section below.

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