WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org


Read our complete guide to know the difference between WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org.


WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

There are many chances where I’ve seen that new comers have trouble in differentiating WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org, in this resource there will be complete explanation about the differences between WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org. Both of these have their own pros and cons, it all depends on what you want from it.

There are million of blogs on the world-wide web, with WordPress being the most popular CMS among all. To start with the key difference in between .com vs .org is that one is managed by WordPress community where as other is on your self hosted server. In WordPress.com they provide you space for creating a blog for free where you can focus on content and rest is managed by the WordPress team.

Where as in WordPress.org gives you an option to install WordPress CMS on your own server. Even though the CMS(content management system) is free but you have to pay for the hosting server. Not only this, you even have to manage your website from code to troubleshooting, every thing is on you. But this doesn’t mean that WordPress.org is a bad choice, in fact this can be the best choice for you.

Now let’s start with the difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

Before we head in discussing the different we should first know about WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

What is WordPress.com

WordPress.com is a website which allows you to create a blog on their website for free, they give you 3Gb of space for free and if you want additional space then you have to buy an additional storage space for 10GB – $20, 25GB – $50 50GB – $90, 100Gb – $160, 200GB – $290, all the prices are on yearly basis. With free account you will get a domain name as Domain.wordpress.com, with limited option of themes and no plugins, this environment gives you very little area of customization. The positive side of this platform is that WordPress by its self takes the backup of your blog, and with their tremendous servers you don’t have to worry about speed and optimization. All the technical work is taken care by WordPress team so that you can focus on content creation. You will not be able to out ads on your blog, and while you have a free blog WordPress will put some ads on it. Even though you have the option to have the full control over it by opting VIP, you get access to plugins, themes, php codes, ads, custom domain name etc, but this comes at a price of $2500/month for up-to 5 sites.


  • Well maintained structure
  • Automatic backups.
  • Incredible servers.
  • No Coding needs.
  • Technical Problems are handled by WordPress team.


  • Display their ads on their website.
  • You can not advertise, till 25000 page view/month and then split ad revenue 50/50 with them. .
  • Can not install plugins.
  • Limited theme availability.
  • Can not install custom theme.
  • No custom analytics.
  • Risk of deletion if terms are violated.
  • Have to pay for every upgrade.

What is WordPress.org

This is a free service in which WordPress gives their CMS for self hosted sites for free. They even have a repository of plugins where all the plugins are free for the use. With this you can have the CMS running on any website with your choice of unique domain name. Unlike WordPress.com you can choose the domain name with your choice of TLD. You will have the full control over the way your website looks and behave by installing a custom or premium theme. You can even edit the php code to do what ever you like, to track the traffic you can use your own custom analytics. The down side to this is that you have to manage every thing on your own from coding to maintaining your WordPress website, you have to get your own server space and look at all the things like speed, security, backups etc.


  • Free CMS
  • Full control over all features.
  • Can install plugins.
  • Install Custom themes.
  • Edit php codes.
  • Custom analytics.
  • Can place ads of your choice.
  • No revenue sharing with WordPress,


  • Have to maintain yourself.
  • Get your Own server space.
  • Self Backups (You can use Plugin for ease)
  • You have to fight Spam ( Get anti spam plugin)

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

As you can see that WordPress.org gives you more control, our preference will always be WordPress.org, you should always try to create a website with your own unique domain name. Wen have seen many people migrating from WordPress.com to WordPress.org as you get more freedom and control over your website.

If you think that WordPress.com is free, then you must be doing blogging for passion. If you like to earn money from then the you have to get a custom domain name with ad free option and custom design which will cost you more than it will cost you on WordPress.org.

You can setup your website with WordPress.org easily by purchasing a Hosting ( we prefer Bluehost). With Blue host you get a free domain name and per month charge will be $3.99. This will be a lot cheaper than with WordPress.com, and still you will have some restrictions. You can even get your own domain name from domain seller companies like Godaddy, etc.

To make money from your website you have to make your website a brand, For that you have go for WordPress.org, This will get you more options in cheaper price than WordPress.com.

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