5 Best free WordPress Google map plugins


Embed Google map on your website try our list of best free WordPress Google map plugins.


List of Top free WordPress Google map plugins

Maps can be a real gem for those who like to display a location for reference. You must have seen many website showing maps to pin point their exact location. And when we talk about maps then You can simply trust Google maps the most. You can use a Google map plugins to show the location.

This is specifically important for the companies who likes to display their office location. People like maps to know the location surroundings, it’s always easy to get to a location with the help of a map. Google is one of the most popular tool for displaying maps. Check our list of best free Google map plugins for WordPress.

Most recommended free google map plugins for WordPress

1) WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps

WP Google maps is the easiest to usu plugin which can help you have the Google maps, This is a super easy to use plugin which requires no coding to have the Google maps on your website. There are 9 different themes for maps that will help you to display the maps that is best suited for your website design.

Option to choose from four different types, roadmap, terrain, satellite and hybrid. You can also add animation to the map markers to have better user experience.

Highlights & Features

  • Easy to use.
  • 9 themes.
  • 4 types of maps.
  • Animated markers.



2) Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

With amazing 250 unique markers you can mark different location with the markers of your own, this will simply make the maps blend in the design of your website. You can add end-user GPS location which will help them to get to the marked location easily with the route.

You can use the short code to embed map on post or page, with widget feature you can add maps on your sidebar of footer area.

Highlights & Features

  • 250 unique markers.
  • End user GPS location.
  • Shortcodes.
  • Widgets.



3) Google Maps Widget

Google Maps Widget

Google Maps Widget is the one which will help you display maps without the need of any API key, you can set the map size and your unique pin size and pin color. You can set the text above or below the map, you can even set the zoom level for the maps so that you can show the places with precisely zoomed map.

There are color schemes for the maps, you can choose from default, refreshed, apple, gray, paper.

Highlights & Features

  • Color schemes for maps.
  • Set custom zoom level.
  • Unique pin size and color.
  • Set text above and below maps.


4) WP Google Map Plugin

WP Google Map Plugin

Another great option that can display maps on your website with a lot of custom markers, this plugin have a unique ability to show many maps on single map. with multiple custom markers you can easily show different places with these markers.

This plugin is fully responsive so that you can display maps on different screen sizes.

Highlights & Features

  • Custom markers.
  • Responsive.
  • Colors for maps.
  • Cross browser compatibility.


5) CP Google Maps

Cp Google Maps

CP Google Maps will help you to add dots and markers to the maps, this plugin is specially helpful when dealing with large size of maps. You can set the customized markers to give a personal touch to the maps you will display on your website.

You have the option to embed the map in multiple language, this helps in localization.

Highlights & Features

  • Large size maps.
  • Widget.
  • Custom markers.
  • Multi language embed.



Now you can choose the one for our list of best free WordPress Google Map plugins, these plugins have the ability to get you the Google Maps with your own custom touch. You can make the selection depending on the features that you need for your website, this list is created where the first one is suitable for most websites.

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