The hidden SEO formula you can learn from Wikipedia


There are some hidden SEO tips that you can learn from Wikipedia to make your content rank higher

For every internet user Wikipedia is a great source of information. When ever we try to find about any thing we try Wikipedia. In fact Wikipedia is one of the most popular website. There SEO is so good that most of their keywords are ranked at no 1 of the Google results. You can check it, for all the keywords and queries Wikipedia have 98-99% ranking at the top of the result. This is the biggest encyclopedia which covers each and everything. from words to events, celebs, history, people, everything is on Wikipedia.

wikipediaThey give us a great example of how a fantastic SEO should be. If they are successful then you can be too these tips can be performed to your website too. They are working for them, they will work for you too. This is not rocket science, Wikipedia is indulged in some precise SEO tactics that helped them grow.

For a blogger you can take advantage of these SEO tactics to boost your traffic. Wikpedia don’t like to do so much complex SEO. so it’s fairly easy to know and understand that what they are doing and how they made so much progress on SEO world with their simple formula.

Things consisting of Wikipedia SEO

You must always keep in mind that it’s not just the SEO but their incredible content that keep people engaged. In SEO search engines keep a check on how much time people spend you’re a page of your website, there are tons of other SEO factors that you can not control but can work on them for sure.

These tips can not get you in place if Wikipedia but will surely enhance your ranking in the search engines. Rather than going for paid backlinks which we don’t recommend at all  you should try to get links from official Wikipedia pages. Now for the SEO things that Wikipedia uses are as follows.

1. Great interlinking

If you deeply study any article from Wikipedia you will notice that they have tremendous interlinking technique. They do a lot of interlinking, but all the interlinks are placed at the right spots and are linked to right resources in Wikipedia. This helps in the flow of link juice to the pages. You know that Wikipedia is a high authority website, when they link to any page they also give some authority to them too.

You should try to interlink your content too, if you observe then you will notice that all the major websites do a lot of interlinking. The only thing that matters while interlinking is, that the content should be relevant and useful.

2. Bounce Rate

bounce-rate-zdiditWe have observed that Wikipedia have a very less bounce rate, this is because of their tremendous strategy, of placement of everything. Having a low bounce rate is an important factor that search engine uses to determine that the content is useful for viewers or not. If a page has high bounce rate then that page starts to lose ranking.

Wikipedia achieved this by achieving right amount of interlinking and placement of media at the nice spots.

3. Constant updating

Even though it took time to notice but we noticed that the content of Wikipedia get updated constantly as the new information is available. This updating is noticed by search engines, this makes them realize that the Wikipedia is serious about the content creation and keeping the information available on the page updated.

4. Anti-spam

Being so big means more of the spam. If you think that Wikipedia is not prone to spam then you are wrong. Having spam of your website can hamper your SEO ranking. But Wikipedia have fought against spam very effectively, this is a tactic that helped them retain the ranking.

5. Related links.

If you think that linking out will make your viewers go on another page then you should look at Wikipedia. They have a huge section of related links below the page. This helps people to get further information, and in SEO perspective having some related links heading out is a good thing that you should have on your article.

6. Nofollow outbound links

insert nofollow linkOn Wikipedia there are many outbound links in related links, as you know that Wikipedia is a high authority website. Being high authority everyone like to have a link from them. To prevent the unwanted flow of link juice they use nofollow tag so that search engines so not read these links. This is important as Wikipedia likes to control the flow of link juice to the right links keeping it SEO friendly.


You can take advantage of these tips to gain new height, by these tips you will notice that you have more page views per visitor and more time spent on the website. This is also noticed by search engines and helps in ranking the pages higher.

All these things are backed by a complete and outstanding in-depth content. After all a great content is the thing that everyone comes for.

With this tips you can’t outrank Wikipedia but you can certainly improve your ranking to a great extent.

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