The 6 Best free related post plugins for WordPress


Top free related post plugins for WordPress

To keep your Audience on your blog you have to give them a lead to which they can go to.  This will help you increase the engagement of audience on your blog,  it will also get a boost to your click rate. This will increase the time spent by visitors on your blog, You will also experience a huge decline in bounce rate too.

To keep your audience engaged on your blog you need a related post plugin which will give them more related posts that they would like to read. To be frank who doesn’t want to retain their audience as long as they can. People spending more time on your blog also helps in SEO too, like visitors spends more time on your blog, reduced bounce rate, more page views per visitor. You must accept that having graphical posts that are related to the post a person is reading adds to the beauty of the blog.

So here are the best free related post plugins for WordPress.

1 – Yet Another Related Post Plugin


Yet Another Related Post Plugin which is better known as YARPP is one of the best free related post plugin that you can have on your blog. YARPP lets you display the posts, pages and even custom post types that are related to the content of your post very easily. With this plugin you get a complete control over the related posts, whether they are really related or not.

In settings you have many options to change the style you like to display your related posts. You can choose from list view, grid or even make a custom layout to display your post content.

  • Thumbnail, list or custom view.
  • Control over related posts.
  • Related posts in feeds too.


2 – nrelate Related Content


nrelate related content as the name suggests this plugin shows the related content either at the top or the bottom of your post according to your preference. This plugin is very easy to use, all you have to do is install and activate it then the servers of nrelate will analyze the content of your website and display related content based on the analysis.

You can also use nrelated short-code to display related content wherever you want. This plugin also comes with a widget which you can place in your widget area to display related posts.

  • Simple to use
  • Automatically displays related content.
  • Use of short codes
  • nrelate dedicated Widget



3 – WordPress Related Posts


WordPress related Posts is yet another very popular free related post plugin that you can have on you blog. This one has more than a million downloads, just because of the reason that this is very simple to use plugin. The moment you install and activate this plugin it will start showing the related content at the bottom of your post. All the things are taken care of automatically, you also have an option to hand-pick the posts you like to display.

  • Easy to use and install
  • Automatically does all the work.
  • Option of hand picking the posts.
  • Advance features available.


4 – Contextual Related Posts


Contextual Related Post plugin for WordPress is the one which can display related contend in both, at the end of your blog post and your feed. The related post is based on the title of the current post or the content, this plugin automatically analysis the data to display the related post. With this plugin you can control that where you want to display the related posts and in which way, it gives you features like thumbnail view, custom post type, short code, widget, caching and CSS for your own custom styling.

  • Automatically does all the work.
  • features like Widgets, short code, thumbnails.
  • CSS for styling.
  • Caching feature.



5 – SEO Auto Links & Related Posts


SEO Auto Links & Related Posts is one of the plugin which will also take care of some of your SEO needs apart from displaying related post. This plugin will make auto links with the help of meta keywords and tags of a post. This plugin has eight layouts to display related posts, so you will get a lot of styling options with this plugin. This plugin comes with a slide out box which will appear with all the related posts once the user scrolls to the bottom  of the post. This plugin comes with a feature in which you can also place an ad in the slide box, this can be useful for the revenue of the blog.

  • Auto Links
  • 8 Style options
  • slide out box
  • option to place ads.


6 – Related Posts For WordPress


Related posts for WordPress lets you search and place the related posts criteria from with the post editor area. This related posts according to criteria will not only help visitors with related posts, it will also help search engines like Google to index you post better based on the content related to your post. With this plugin you also gets a functionality of widgets and short codes to display related post where ever you like.

  • Ease of use
  • Related post according to criteria.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Features like Widgets, Short codes.



This is the list of best free related post plugins for WordPress that i think is best suited for your related post needs, If you know a plugin that should be on this list feel free to us the comment section bellow to drop a comment. We would also like to hear your thoughts about the post, what you liked about it or leave a suggestion that what should be changed.

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