The 5 Best free contact form plugins for WordPress


The list of top free contact form plugins for WordPress.

Contact Form is one of the essential page that a website must have. This lets your visitors to contact you easily yet systematically by filling a form that has all the necessary fields that a visitor will need. Every website should have a contact us page by which any one can contact you, the contact us page also comes in our list of must have pages for a website

Using a contact form not only lets your users contact you but it also saves you from lot of spam that you get if you display your email directly. What contact form does is, it makes the fields which are necessary for a contact form and they even lets you add you custom field in case you need one. These contact form plugins also hides your email, means you’ll get the message and the email id of the sender (if you have that field enabled) without revealing your email.

There are bots out there who crawl many websites including yours in search of email ids and when they find one they store it, then it is used by different companies who sends a lot of spam email, which will flood your inbox. WordPress by default don’t have a contact us page, to make one you can use a contact form plugin from our list of best free contact form plugins for WordPress. Contact form plugin is one of the must have plugin for WordPress.

1 – Contact Form 7


Contact Form 7 is not just best among the contact form plugins but this one of the top plugins for WordPress. This plugin has an enormous 18 million downloads, making it one of the most essential plugin to have on your website. With Contact form 7 you can manage multiple contact forms on one website, you can also customize the form fields and can also make these fields required of not. This plugin also have an option of CAPTCHA to prevent bots for filling the form automatically, this prevents spam. To stop spam this plugin also has a akismet support.

  • Very popular top of the line plugin
  • Manage multiple contacts.
  • Edit and add fields
  • CAPTCHA feature.
  • Akismet support.



2 – Fast Secure Contact Form


Fast Secure contact form is indeed another very popular plugin with more that 4 million plugin downloads. This plugin gives you flexibility to add edit and re-order the fields to fit your needs, you can also add multiple forms using this plugin too. To make to secure from spammers you have a akismet support for spam control, CAPTCHA is another thing that saves you from bots sending you emails.

  • Add, edit, re-order the fields.
  • Multiple forms creation.
  • Protection from spammers.
  • CAPTCHA feature.


3 – Contact Form


Contact Form is another plugin which can let you create a contact form easily. With this plugin you don’t have to mess around with settings to make it functional, even though you still have advanced options to tweak it. You can add a contact form with the help of a short code at any spot of your website, there also a field for the file attachment where you can add a brochure or a file of your choice . This plugin also have a premium option to available for those who want to add new features in the plugin.

  • Simple to use
  • Embed by Short code.
  • File attachment feature.


4 – Easy Contact Form


Easy Contact Forms is visitors friendly contact form, this contact from plugin is designed to be visitor friendly while being fully featured. This plugin has an edge over others with its drag and drop feature which is used to make a contact form, you simply have to drag and drop the fields you want to add you can even tweak them according to your need. Multi form creation is also available with this plugin, with the anti-spam protection having various layers of security.

  • Visitor friendly.
  • Drag and Drop Feature.
  • Multi form creation.
  • Anti-spam with multiple layers.


5 – Custom Contact Form


Custom contact form is a plugin which is constantly being developed with the help of developers. This plugin holds the features like drag & drop, creation of multiple features. The submission is saved in the dashboard widget as well as email to you, which will be displayed to you in admin panel. This plugin also has language support for different languages.

  • Drag & drop.
  • Dashboard widget.
  • Language support.
  • unlimited forms & fields.



This is the list of best free contact form plugins for WordPress. If you know any plugin that should be on our list ,have a question or suggestion please feel free to drop us a comment.

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