The 5 Best free WordPress YouTube plugin


List of top 5 free YouTube plugins to embed videos in your post.

Videos are a powerful source of telling your story, people understand lot more from videos than just from reading. We all like to watch videos online, we even create them too. Today the most popular video sharing website in the world is YouTube, we all use YouTube in our daily life it’s filled with enormous amount of videos from funny clips to educational series.

As a blogger I find a lot of cool stuff on YouTube that I’ll like to share, in YouTube there is a video on almost about everything. If you are making a post on a specific topic or simply want to display the YouTube video in your WordPress post then there are some cool plugins that will help you to embed the YouTube video with an ease.


1 – YouTube Embed Plugin


YouTube Embed plugin is one os the best free WordPress YouTube plugin to embed YouTube videos. It has a support for security as this plugin changes non-HTTPS videos to HTTPS, it also have an IOS playback support for apple devices. This plugin has an easy insert option in both visual editor as well as text mode, You can also embed the entire YouTube channel in your WordPress post.

You have an edge to use short-code to embed multiple videos on a single post. This plugin has a volume level initialization which will be very handy in autoplay.

Highlights & Features

  • Embed entire channel.
  • IOS playback support.
  • Shortcode support.
  • Easy Insert button.
  • Playlist support


2 – TubePress


Tubepress as the name suggest is built for YouTube video embedding. with the help of this plugin you can display YouTube video or create a gallery of YouTube videos. With this plugin you can have a featured showcase functionality to display the set of videos.

This plugin has a function  to build a standalone PHP gallery to display the set of videos according to your choice.

Highlights & Features

  • Simple Gallery.
  • Features showcase.
  • Standalone PHP.
  • Modern video galleries.



3 – YouTube Advanced by Embed Plus


YouTube Advanced by Embed Plus is a plugin which is featured on some of the big named websites. This plugin delivers the functionality for which it is designed for, that is embedding a YouTube video. This plugin gives you an edge to just paste a YouTube link in the link bar, rest is taken care automatically.

This plugin in addition to all the basic functionality of YouTube embedded videos will show some more playback options. With the wizard option you can customize the YouTube embeds as per your desire.

Highlights & Features

  • Auto HD.
  • Instant replay.
  • Looping.
  • Video Reactions.
  • Timed Annotations.


4 – YouTube Simple Gallery


YouTube simple gallery is a simple solution to embed the YouTube videos in your post, this free WordPress YouTube plugin embeds YouTube video with thumbnail in the WordPress post. This plugin will auto fetch the titles from the YouTube video automatically, You can embed the video anywhere with the help of short codes.

YouTube simple gallery has merged with vimeo simple gallery to have functionality of both, you can also embed the vimeo as well as YouTube video on the same playlist.

Highlights & Features

  • Videos with thumbnails.
  • Short code functionality.
  • vimeo,YouTube on same playlist.
  • Automatically fetch titles.


5 – WordPress Video Gallery


WordPress video gallery is a plugin which will display recent videos, popular videos, features videos with the ability to control number and order of videos displayed at the end of video. You can alter the color of the skin,icons, text,etc of the player, it also has a support for the HTML5 to play videos on IOS devices.

This plugin has an option to have monetize option for your video, it has a subtitle feature by which you can display subtitle text under your embedded video.

Highlights & Feature

  • Change the color of player.
  • IOS support.
  • Monetize option.
  • Subtitle feature.
  • Flexible player size



This is our list of best free WordPress YouTube plugins for embedding YouTube videos, every plugin have different features suited for different websites, only you have to choose which is most suited for you.

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