The 5 Best free newsletter plugins for WordPress


Top 5 best free Newsletter plugins for WordPress to increase you blog traffic.

Newsletter is a great way of blog promotion, I’ve seen many people ignoring the use of newsletter. This is one of the most powerful source for having returning traffic. there is nothing better than having loyal readers that comes back for reading the new articles. These are to ones who are most beneficial for making money by affiliate sales, the loyal traffic always trust you and if you are recommending a product then they feel it’s worth buying.

A newsletter will be in the inbox of the subscriber email, which will get the subscribers to know about the new post. This will also get a reminder to those who have forgotten to visit your website recently. Newsletters are really effective to maintain the traffic for your website. Lets start with out list of best free Newsletter plugins for WordPress.

1 – Mail poet Newsletter


Mail Poet newsletters is one of the most popular free newsletter plugin  for WordPress, this plugin was earlier known as wysija now this plugin has become mail poet with lot of new features add to it. You can create the newsletter, also send the post notification, with this plugin you can also send auto responds to the subscribers.

You can change the font with color to make your flyer more interesting. This plugin is designed by keeping simplicity in mind, using this plugin is a delight. All your newsletter work can be handled by this plugin easily with all the features you need for delivering a newsletter.

Highlights & features

  • Auto respond feature.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ability to change color,font.
  • Drag & drop newsletter editor
  • Email editor with automatic emails for new post.


2 – Newsletter


Newsletter as the name describes is a free newsletter plugin for WordPress to send newsletters to the subscribers. This plugin gives u option to have unlimited subscribers, you will also have statics for the newsletters as how many visitors it gained due to newsletter. Unlimited emails is another gem this plugin holds in the list of its features, the email functionality comes with the tracking too.

You can have subscription widget, page or form to get subscribers. You can target your campaign according to subscribers preference, you can give a personal touch with the help of themes.

Highlight & Features

  • Unlimited newsletters
  • Unlimited emails
  • Statics to track every activity.
  • Configurable Themes to give personal touch.
  • Subscribers preference to target your campaign.


3 – ALO EasyMail Newsletter


ALO Easy mail newsletter is a plugin which allows you to send newsletters emails to different types of subscribers. You can select the mailing lists in order to send the newsletter to different subscribers. You also have an option to send the mails by batch, this means emails are batched into groups of subscribers, which are sent automatically with a time interval of 5 minutes.

This plugin comes with a widget to collect subscribers, you can also import or export subscriber list in the form of CSV file. The email which are bounced are automatically unsubscribed.

Highlights & Features

  • Different mailing lists.
  • Batch send option.
  • Widget to subscribe.
  • Bounce management.
  • Newsletter theme.
  • Multiple language support.


4 – Email newsletter


Email newsletter is one from the free WordPress newsletter plugins which comes with a customizable newsletter editor to make your flyer more interesting. Email newsletter comes with a customizable opt-in form, with an option to single or double opt-in. The bulk emails are sent in alphabetical order, all the emails sent have a an unsubscribe link.

All the new subscribers are sent a welcome email automatically, the admin also gets a notification about the new subscriber.

Highlights & Features

  • Customizable newsletter editor.
  • Customizable opt-in form.
  • Unsubscribe link in email.
  • Automatic welcome email.
  • Notification to admin


5 – Sendit


Sendit is plugin which lets you put a subscription form anywhere with the help of short code, you can also do this with the help of subscribe widget. sendit has a double opt-in subscription option, with this plugin you have an option to extract content from post or page to send it to your subscribers. the email sent can also have feature image along with content.

This plugin also have pro option, which unleashes additional features of the plugin.

Highlights & Features

  • Double opt-in form
  • Short code functionality.
  • Widget for subscription.
  • Extract content from post.
  • Email with feature image.



This is the list of best free WordPress newsletter plugins for WordPress, if you know another plugin which should be in this list then please drop us a comment.

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