How to nofollow all external links in WordPress


Preserve link juice, learn to make all the external links nofollow in WordPress.


Guide – how to nofollow all WordPress external links

It is not new that people like to preserve link juice flowing to the unwanted links, this is a very nice way to do SEO. If you notice then you will know that almost all the big websites like to make the external links nofollow. As the search engines got strict on the links and who you link to, most of the websites started using nofollow tags on the external links. One of the website in the list can be Wikipedia.

As an SEO tactic Wikipedia made their external links nofollow, Wikipedia being a high domain authority website like to maintain the flow of link juice through links. Getting a dofollow backlink from Wikipedia can increase you domain authority in times. But that is not possible, you can visit wikipedia’s page on Google then you will notice that they have given a nofollow tag. They have taged nofollow all external links to preserve SEO.

There are many people who have many posts on their WordPress website and to update them one by one by adding a nofollow tag to each and every link is a pain. It will take a lot of time and effort to do it. So If you also like to nofollow all external links in WordPress then you should follow the instructions below.

Learn how to nofollow all external links in WordPress

To start with you have get a plugin called external links, you have to install and activate it. This will add a new field of external links under your settings tab. You have to go to Dashboard»Settings»External Links. Here you will see many option that lets you control how you like your external links to be.

External Links Nofollow Settings page

Here are many options to control the way you like to see your external links. In these you will see an option Add a rel=”nofollow”attribute to outbound links. This should be checked on to nofollow all the external links on your WordPress website.

This will  make all the external links as nofollow. You can even exclude the domain names which you don’t want to nofollow. These links will have the link juice flowing towards them.

Summing Up

This is the simplest way by which you can nofollow all external links. All the existing and the new ones will automatically will be give a nofollow tag, now you can save all your time and effort. Divert all the time in creation of great blog posts, This will make your website more SEO friendly. For more nofollow option you can check our list of best free nofollow plugins for WordPress.

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