How to add image icons on menu items in WordPress


Images works better than text, you can add image icons on menu items.


There are many websites who have small icons on their menu items along with the menu title. This looks good to have an icon on the menu item along with text, I’ts been noticed in studies that images delivers better user experience then text alone. This is something that some big websites use too, like cnet you can add image icons on menu items in WordPress.

Even though there are some themes which gives you an option to add icons on menu but they are limited to the ones they have on their list. What we are going to teach you is to have your own custom image icon on menu items of your WordPress website.

Lets start with how to add image icons on WordPress menu items

To have this feature first you have to get a plugin called menu images. After this you have to install and activate the plugin, this will start the feature which will let you add image icon on menu item on WordPress.

Now you have to go to Dashboard»Appearance»Menu there you will find a new option of adding menu image on the items on navigation menu.


With the option to add menu image you can also see the option to set the hover image this will let you place an aditional image which will be visible when some one roll their cursor arrow on the menu item. You also have the option to place the icon above, below, before, after. anywhere you place on the title.


You have the option to choose size of the image depending on the need of your website and place you want to like get it displayed.

This plugin will give you a complete control over how and where you like to display image icons on menu. This is a light weight plugin which will not place any load on the server or increase the page load time.


This is a tutorial which will help you get the image icons on your menu, this will make your navigation menu more nice, this also enhances the user experience. By this people quickly recognize the image without reading the text, Navigation will be easy.

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