How to know how many viewers using adblock


Getting ads revenue can be interrupted by viewers using adblock.


For every content creator on the web have a tough time when they are not making money. To make money online, one of the most prominent way is the advertisement, ads can provide the monetary support that lets creators create fabulous content. When you have greats content, with proper SEO, you can get great amount of traffic.

With Ads on your website you can earn money, this makes the creation of content easy. There are people out there who earns a living out of this.

This process of making money gets intercepted by adblock, this is used by many people to block ads.

What is Adblock

Adblock is an extension which lets users to block ads displayed on a web page, this

The thing is that you can’t stop them but you can know about the viewers that have adblock running on their website. This data will help you to make changes to your websites accordingly, like if you have more people running adblock then you cna focus on affiliate products.

Lets start on how to know how many viewers are using adblock

For this you have to get the plugin called Ad blocking detector. Install and activate it, This will help you to  track and display alternate type of content on when adblock is there.


You have to give the content when no ad block is detected and when adblock is there and give a name so that you know which one is for which place.

You will get the short code which you can place at the desired area like sidebar or content area, you have the option to display the alternate content when adblock is available, and you can enable or disable it.

With tons of advance settings you can get the way your ads works, in statics you can know that how many times viewers with adblock were found and served with alternate content.

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