3 Best free WordPress image comparison plugins


To comparing images on a single window on your website can make it easy to spot difference.


List of Top free WordPress image Comparison Plugins

Some times its really important for you to show the difference between two images, specially if you are a photo editor. Showing the different with image comparison can help people get to know that how you changed the image. Even though you have the option to have the two images one beside another but this will not be user friendly, How about you show users two images on same window with a slider line which can be dragged to show the difference.

To have this functionality on your WordPress website you can use a plugin, You can use our free WordPress image comparison plugin, this will get the feature on your website and this will do it beautifully. Use our list of best free WordPress image Comparison Plugins to find the one you need for your website.

Most recommended free WordPress image Comparison Plugins.

1. Twenty Twenty


This is the most popular free image comparison plugin for WordPress that can help you to display the images on a single window with a line that slides to show the difference between two images. With the before and after effect you can pin point the work you did.

This is easy to use plugin, you can use the short-code to embed the image comparison anywhere you want.

Highlights & Features

  • Easy to use.
  • Slider comparison.
  • Shortcode.
  • Very less page load.


2. Before After Image Slider Lite


This plugin uses a overlay ability to make them comparison between the two images, this plugin also have the slider to do the image comparison. You can set the slider to automatically slide with the move of cursor when on the window image or let the user decide to slide it.

You can place alt attributes for better image SEO. You can even set width and place a title for the images.

Highlights & Features

  • Uses image Overlay
  • sliding options.
  • Image SEO.
  • Set width and title.


3. Compare Bar Before After WordPress Plugin


With the before and after effect you can place image comparison block to your pages. You can place the comparison block any where with the use of a short-code. This plugin comes with a widget which helps you to display comparison on the sidebar.

Back-end management is easy, you can customize it the way you like easily.

Highlights & Features

  • Comparison Block.
  • Short-code.
  • Easy management.
  • Customizing ability.



This is the list of best free image comparison plugins for WordPress which will help you display the difference in images easily. You can make use of these plugins, You just have to select the right one for your website, depending yon your needs.

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