Why do you need CDN server to speedup your wordpress blog


If you like to have better SEO and like to save bandwidth at the same time then you need CDN.


Before i jump on the topic of explaining why you need a CDN server i must tell you that after writing about how to speed up your WordPress blog i thought that this vital thing to have a CDN service on your blog. CDN is such a important and in-depth topic that to cover it in detail i have to write a full article on it.

When ever we hear about CDN first thing which comes to our mind is speed, this is right in every aspect. Having a right CDN service backing your website is one of the best thing you can give your website. We all know that having a speedy website is preferred, even if we look at the SEO aspect of the website speed plays a vital role.

Even the websites which determine the speed of a website use the page load time as an important factor in determining the overall score.

Before we go on to why you need a CDN serve we should first know that


What is a CDN?

CDN stands for content delivery network which uses servers dispersed geographically to serve static content like images, JS/CSS, flash files through their network. With CDN all the static content is served from the nearest server to reduce load on server and fast loading of page.

Lets make it easy for you, when some one accesses your website, then the request is sent to the central servers of your hosting, and all the files are transferred form that server. When the traffic increases the load also increases as all the files are transferred from that one server.

When CDN is introduced in the system then static content is cached in the CDN network servers and when someone visits your website then the content is served from the nearest server. This will help in reducing the page load and increasing speed of the website. If you are on a limited bandwidth hosting then you can save some money too.

The reasons behind the need of CDN can be as follows

1. Page Speed: You need CDN to increase the page speed, it’s been observed that you can retain more visitors by having a fast loading page. Page load is an important factor which is emphasized on every stage of web development. With increase in page loading speed viewers experience is also enhanced.

People like fast loading pages, and when they experience fast loading pages then they like to visit more pages reducing bounce rate.

2. Bandwidth: If you are on a limited bandwidth then you absolutely need CDN for your website. This will reduce the bandwidth significantly by serving static content from CDN. CDN serves cached static content like images, flash, CSS/JS etc which are most heavy files that uses bandwidth.

By CDN your hosting server don’t have to transfer these static files again and again, this reduces the bandwidth.

3. Global Server Network: With CDN support your website is backed by global network of servers, this will let you serve content from the nearest server, reducing loading time. With these kind of server networks anyone accessing your website from anywhere in the world can be certain of speed.

4. SEO: When you check the speed of your website then for slow websites most recommended way is to have a CDN. When it comes to SEO then you must know that with Fast loading pages and serving static content from CDN works for the benefit of website in terms of SEO. Search engines notice that you have CDN support and improves rank on SERPS.

5. Cost Reduction: If you are using a hosting plan in which you have to pay according to the bandwidth you use. More bandwidth you use more money is shelled out from your pocket. With CDN you can save some money as it saves bandwidth by serving cached static content from there network of servers.


If you want to have a fast loading time with better SEO ranking then you need CDN for your website. You can even same some bucks if you are tight on bandwidth or pay for more bandwidth you use. You can go for a Paid MaxCDN Which we recommend or a free CDN for new ones.

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