Use LSI keywords for better Search rankings


Use Lsi or Latent semantic indexing keywords to get the page on top of SERPs


For search engines keywords will always be very important, if you haven’t taken seriously then you are missing a whole lot of traffic that you can get from search engines. Everyone uses keywords to search, by which they can reach to your post. In the today’s world you have to focus on LSI keyword along with the focus keywords.

What are LSI keywords?

The word LSI stands for Latent semantic indexing keywords  these are the keywords which are related to the keyword. Now the search engines are getting smarter and they like to use the LSI keywords to rank your page. LSI is the fancy name used by search engines that means the words related to the main focus keyword. These LSi keywords help the search engines show the exact results for your search.

Lets take an example: if you search for song then the search will also show you the results with the word music in it. this is what LSI keywords does it gets you results related to the main keyword. This helps in getting the best results for the specific search. If you take glass for example then with LSI keywords like water-glass or glass sheet or sun glasses, the search engine will know that for which exact thing the user wants to search for. With the use of these LSI keywords the search engines will get the best results to the user.

LSI weight in SEO

LSI is one of the biggest things that is taken into consideration by the search engines, the search engine bots will crawl the page to note all the main keywords and LSI keywords to rank the page for specific keyword search. With the use of LSI keywords it’s not that you should not focus on the main keyword density. This is a blend between te two.

To rank high in the search engines for a keyword you should focus on the main keyword density along with the LSI keywords supporting it. As per now LSI keywords holds a great importance that search engines takes to notice. There are various factors that Search engines take to notice like length of post, title tags, keyword density, bold and italics,SEO optimized images. page speed, etc. In these factors LSI tells the search engines what exactly the page is about and how to put them in search results.

Why you should use LSI

Latent semantic indexing keywords are looks more natural to Google and with this they can know the exact topic the article covers. Earlier keyword stuffing was a way to rank higher and people use to stuff with keywords but now all the things are different. Now they like to see related terms along with the main keyword and rank the page based on this. Thus helps in keeping the page clean, users also finds it more natural than an article stuffed with keywords.

How to find Latent semantic indexing words

There are quite a few ways by which you can get to know about the LSI keywords for a given keyword.

First one is the most common, you can use Google search to find the one you need.


Here you can see two different cases on LSI keywords first is when we type inspirational article with motivational also pops up this is the LSI keyword that means same as inspirational. And on second case we take images as and example when we take that then the pages with word pictures are also shown in the result.

Now when you like to know the related keywords then you can make use of Google search to find some. You can also use the bottom of the search results where Google displays the similar search terms, you can use these to get some ideas about the LSI keywords you are looking for.

related-LSI keywords

Even though Google is one of the ways by which you can get some nice LSI words. If you don’t like to use Google and want a tool to do all the work then you can use some dedicated tools.

First one is the Google keyword tool. when you enter in google adwords then you have to enter the keywords in the keyword tool and then in results you have to go to related ideas. There you will find the terms related to it, now you should note these down and use them on the page.


With this you can note the words that you like to use on page from the Adwords keyword tool.

Second is LSIgraph which you can use to get the related words, this website is dedicated to find the Latent semantic indexing keywords.


This is a free tool that you can use to know about the words that you should include in the page for better indexing.

Where to put LSI Words

After knowing about LSI keywords you must make use of these in your article but the big question is that where to put them.

  • You can use the LSI keywords in the Title, URL, Highlighted words, headings, meta description, Meta keywords.
  • You can use the LSI keywords while interlinking to the page. you can use this to have the different anchor text for the links.
  • If you like to build external links then these keywords can be used as anchor text for those links.

Now you can make your SEO ranking boost to new height. But before you start using them you should not over use it, try to keep away from keyword stuffing. Keep the density in check, if you try to use these LSI keywords more then needed then rather than getting positive result you can drop the rankings.

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